4 Easy Ways To Lose Weight


Ways to lose weight. Lose weight. Lose weight. We're only a month into the new year, and hopefully you're still determined to tackle some big goals in 2020!

But let's be real – we tend to romanticize the way things will be in the new year, and then get discouraged and give up when it doesn't happen the way we imagined it. But don't throw in the towel yet, sister! We've been there, and know how difficult it can be to get in the habit of turning your daydreams into realities. Our best advice is to start small, so we've put together some easy tips that you can start doing right now to make habits out of your goals!

The best place to start is with something that you do every single day…eat!

Lose weight

Pack Snacks!

Being hangry or bored is a huge culprit of overeating. Take 20 minutes at the beginning of the week to pack healthy snacks to throw in your bag when you go out or grab from the fridge when you're at home. It will ensure that if you need something to munch on, it's something healthy! Whether it's carrots and hummus, a handful of almonds, or an apple and peanut butter, you'll feel better all throughout the day and can stay away from snacking too much! Check out all of the delish healthy snack recipes in the Guiltless Nutrition Guide!


As you ladies know, I'm a big fan of hydrating! It's not something that has always come naturally to me, but learning to be disciplined about drinking enough water throughout the day has had major benefits for my skin, my metabolism, my energy levels, and more! Invest in a water bottle that you want to use ( like one of ours!), and carry it with you throughout the day. Make it a goal to take a sip once every 10 minutes or so, and watch how much you're able to keep up with you hydration goals without even trying – especially if you flavor it with fruit or citrus!

Drink Smart!

Does drinkingjustwater not cut it for you? Girl, me neither! But sometimes it can be easy to think that a frap or latte is a low-calorie alternate, when in reality it can pack a punch full of sugar, unhealthy fats, and a gigantic calorie content.

Rather than ordering that vanilla latte full of syrup, order a black coffee and use high-quality milk and natural sweeteners to give it a little extra somethin'! Even drinks that look healthy may have hidden culprits, so just be sure to read the labels and make smart choices! When in doubt, drink black coffee, plain tea, or sparkling water.

Eat Smart!

Rather than adopting another crazy crash diet, focus on making your meals as balanced as possible with grains, veggies, and protein. When in doubt, at the very least shoot to make your meals full of whole foods and stay away from anything processed as much as possible. Even when eating out, you can opt for dishes that have the most whole, basic ingredients so that you're eating as few hidden ingredients as possible! You'll be surprised how even the most subtle changes can have big affects overtime!

We're so proud of the go-getter that you are, girl, and we love the amazing goals you've set for yourself. That's why we're so excited about these small tips and tricks that will start to build a foundation for you to start going after those bigger macro goals and ending up where you want to be this time next year!

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