4 Days In Hawaii | Aulani A Disney Resort

Aulani. It's official… The bun is on the run!

Checkout what I'm talking about in my Aspen blogand hear how I spent 4 days in Hawaii at Aulani – A Disney Resort.

Traveling straight from snowy Aspen to warm tropical Hawaii was quite the trip. Loved my time in Aspen, but I'm a warm-weather beach babe through and through!

I flew into Honolulu midday ready to throw on my bikini and soak up some sunshine.Uh… it's SO gorgeous there!

disney resort, aulani hawaii

It was a quick four days at the Aulani Disney Resort, but they went above and beyond to make sure I got the full experience during my time there. I met up with a few other health, fitness and beauty babes to play and work on some serious R&R.

holding pineapple on the beach

I've always loved Disney and the Aulanihad a balance of Disney magic and total luxury. It's definitely a family resort, and if you have kids they will be in HEAVEN, but there are also some great experiences for adults as well.

One of the coolest parts of the resort was how they've weaved the traditional Hawaiian culture into every aspect of the hotel: artwork, stories, restaurant names, decor, everything. The details were incredible!

luau at aulani

We kicked off the trip with the KA WA'A Luau. If you watched my IG story {@lovesweatfitness} you saw the incredible dancers, delicious food and the awesome turtle tattoo I got! It only lasted 2 days, but I felt super legit with it

Side note:I totally did Hawaiian and Polynesian dance in high school so the Luau was super fun for me!

beach workout

The next morning I was up at 6:30a.m. for a beach circuit workout. So not my norm, but luckily because of the time difference it was really like 8:30. The workout was lead by the resorts top 3 trainers and it was AMAZING! We did TRX on a palm tree, ball slams in the sand, sprints, push-ups and all sorts of crazy body weight exercises. O-M-SWEAT! I loved it!

beach training

After the workout we had fresh acai bowls, coffee and chatted before heading into the Laniwai Spa for facials! Um… this spa is insane! They had you grab a wishing stone out of a jar with a Hawaiian word on it.A way of setting an intention for you experience.

wishing stone

Mine said "Ka Pomaikai" which means happiness. I then threw it into a gorgeous well in the spa to represent giving back to the land.Such a neat way to get into the right mindset before a spa day.

hydrotherapy garden

After the facial I spent the afternoon in their Hydrotherapy Gardens and… I mean seriously!? It was great how peaceful it was when, just a few feet away, there were tons of kids playing on the waterslides and in the pools. If I were a parent I would 100% escape to the spa on the daily!

It was total pamper central. I got my hair and makeup done at their Beauty Bar and then headed off to dinner.

floral dress hawaii

We ate at 'AMA'AMA restaurantwhere I had one of the best pieces of fish! It came wrapped in a banana leaf with brown rice and spinach and so bomb!

beach workout

The next day we all got up early, did another insane workout and then ordered breakfast to-go for a little beach picnic.

hawaii beach breakfast

A few hours later all us girls loaded up in a van to explore Hawaii. We went on a local hike with the most magnificent views!

It had been cloudy and storming in the morning, but by the time we got to the top of the mountain, the clouds parted. Seriously! You could see ocean and lush greenery for miles and miles.

top of the hike

For being in Hawaii I didn't spend much time at the beach. Too busy getting my sweat and pampering on.

Post-hike I made sure I went straight to the sand! After a few hours I went back to the spa for a mani/pedi before dinner.

Aulani Highlights

The People

Throughout my entire stay, the staff at Aulani treated me like VIP. After chatting with other guests, I truly believe that is something they do for everyone. That's the little touch of Disney that sparkles everywhere.

The Food

hawaii fresh fruit

Incredible. Everything was SO fresh! The seafood was amazing -Ryan doesn't do raw fish soI ate poke for days!

I'm not normally a big fruit person, but I ate it non-stop. I think I only like fruit when I'm in a hot tropical locationhah so Hawaii was perf!

The Spa

The last night was the most amazing experience. We first had dinner in the hydrotherapy garden with live music and more delish food. After we were escorted inside the Laniwai Spa for a "sleep spa treatment." I love my pre-sleep rituals so this was everything.

hawaii girls dinner in hawaii

It started with showering, resting with headphones, tranquil music and finished with a relaxing full body massage. I slept like a BABY!

hawaii sleep spa treatment

And just like that it was the last day. We were scheduled for early morning paddleboard yoga, but a huge rainstorm hit. Instead they brought the boards inside and we did a great stretch sesh on lnad.Doing it for real is still on my bucket list so I guess I'll have to go back.

My time at Aulani was definitely unforgettable. It may bemore of a family resort, but if you have kids and want to experience a relaxing luxury vacay, this is a perfect spot!

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