14 Day Spring Slim Down

Spring slim down Spring slim down. Working out is better together and we're going to keep each other motivated and accountable!

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If you feel stuck, like you hit a plateau, or you're not sure where to start, this 14 day spring slim down challenge is for YOU! Spring break is right around the corner and it's a perfect time for this Love Sweat Fitness Challenge! I want every single one of you to feel amazing rocking your bikini on the beach!

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Say bye bye to bloat and those last few pesky pounds! Get toned curves and the healthy, happy,HOT BODY you DESERVE!

You'll be getting a sneak peek of the LSF Hot Body Plans as part of this 14 Day Spring Challenge! Join #teamlsf and commit to give yourself the best spring ever! Wether you're headed on a tropical vacation, weekend getaway or just wan to press "restart" after the new year, this challenge is perfect!

You're Going to Feel INCREDIBLE!

I designed this challenge to help you get amazing results fast and experience what the LSF lifestyle is all about! You've got this girl! JOIN US!

spring slim 8 week workout guide to help you tone up and lose weight

How to jointhe LSF Spring Slim Down

Step 1:Sign up for the LSF newsletter to get your weekly workouts & challenge calendars HERE

Step 2:For the absolute BEST results, grab your Hot Body Bundleand follow the Sweat Guide & Meal Plan together.

If you don't have it yet, and are wondering what you're missing…

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  • 8 weeks of dynamic workoutsdesigned to burn fat and tone your tummy, legs, arms, and booty
  • Warm up and stretching guide
  • My top tips and tricksthat helped me lose 45 pounds and change my life for good
  • Exercise encyclopediawith oversixty different step-by-stepphotos and descriptions
  • Fun LSF "bonus workouts"– you'll feel the burn and get results faster
  • Learn the science behind burning fat
  • Overcome your plateaus
  • Finally,find YOUR perfect Hot Body
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  • 4 weeks of easy-to-make, fat burning meals
  • 5 simple step-by-step meals each day
  • My top tipsto get fast and long lasting results!
  • Grocery shopping guide and food prep tips
  • Over 25deliciousmetabolism boosting BONUS recipes
  • Daily motivationand inspiration
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All the Feels…

OMG I'm seriously obsessed with all the new sweat goodies! The15% discount code(lsfspring)is for all you girls so make sure you grab some tanks or hair ties when you get your guides!

Yaaas! We're doing it! This is the first time all the LSF babes will bestarting the Hot Body Sweat GuideTogether!If you already have the guide jump back with me and start on Day one with us!

The guides are built so that ANYONE can use them ANYWHERE! You can take it at the most simple level or increase weights, increase rounds and take on the bonus challenges as you get stronger!

These are the workouts I do every single day and I'm challenging you to make them yours! If you don't have the guides, you're in luck! This week you will get to try a few of the workouts.

ThisSlim Down Challengeis whatI do the two weeks before I head out for vacation! If you're getting ready for a big trip or just looking to jumpstart your metabolism and see those muscle start to pop pop pop, let's do this!

sweat tank free workout challenge

Start your Hot Body Meal Plan! If you have a big event coming up, use the meal plan starting on phase 3 to see results faster!

These are your workouts babe. Push harder when you can, take rest days when you need and get the Healthy, Happy, HOT BODY you deserve!

Day 1

♥ HBSG Week 1 Day 1 | Complete Each Round 2x

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♥ Start your Hot Body Meal Planon Phase 3 – Day 1 & DON'T SKIP MEALS!

Say "Bye Felicia" to processed sugar. Sugars (and fake sugar substitutes!) mess with our hormones and can cause serious weight gain.

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Day 2

♥ Shape of You Song Challenge *NEW ON YOUTUBE!


♥ 30-60minutes of cardio (LIIS / Day 2 HBSG) Long walk, jog run, LSF YouTube workouts and/or a fun cardio based class!

Make sure you get 7-8hrs of sleep every night! With the time change this week you're body is going to need a bit of extra rest to catch up!

Day 3

♥ HBSGWeek 1 Day 3| Complete Each Round 2x

hot body sweat guide sample, workout guide, online wokrouts

Checkout the March LSF Workout Playlist

Hot Body Meal Plan Week 3 Sneak Peek!

hot body meal plan sample, week three meal plan, how to lose weight, weight loss, weight loss meal plan sample.

Day 4

Checkout this Bear Crawl ChallengeSweepstakes I'm doing with Kohls. You girls could win $1,000 gift card!
♥ Butt, Abs & Thighs HIIT x 4 rounds


Water! Water! Water! Get at least 2-3Liters per day to help you shed excess water weight and stay hydrated! This will help you get through your workouts and rid your body of yucky toxins that have been stored in there for too long!

Day 5

♥ HBSG Week 1 Day 5 | Get Your Guides HERE+ 15% OFF with codelsfspring


♥ Toned Arms & Sexy Sculpted Back x2



♥ 5 Minute Love Handle Melt Down x2


It's Fri-yay & my Birthday! Let's celebrate – try thesehealthier cocktailsor make them a mocktail to keep it lean this weekend!


♥ Happy Hour Hustle x4 rounds



♥ 10 Minute Flat Tummy x1 round

Day 7

♥ Detox Yoga


Try this HEALTHY Slim Down Tea recipe and add it to your nighttime routine!

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week 2 spring slim down challenge

Oh hey Hot Body! You girls crushed Week 1 of the Spring Slim Down! Now it's time to really push it! We're in this together babes!

Now that you've had apeek at the Hot Body Workouts & Meal Planso you can see what the LSF lifestyle is really all about.

I want all of us to do the entire 8 weeks of the Hot Body Guide together. I just finished Week 1 with you and am ready to take on week 2!Especially after those birthday shenanigans.

We're here to hold each other accountable and make it happen. It's hard work, but when you have the support of each other it can be super fun & totally doable!

If you're following theHBSG,week 2 is where the MAGIC starts! You'll have FUN bonus challenges & I want you to do them. You'll see your body change even faster when you add them in!

Follow Phase 3 or Phase 4 of the Hot Body Meal Plan.Especially if you have a vacay coming up, these phases will totally get you swimsuit ready!

Day 1

♥ HBSG Week 2 Day 1 + 5 Min Toned Body

Get Your Guides HERE+ 15% OFF with codelsfspring


Brunch so hard this weekend? Drink an extra 1L of water today to help get flush it out! Shoot for a total of 1 gallon of water today and wake up feeling AMAZE on Tuesday!

Day 2

♥ HBSG Week 2 Day 2 + BONUS Workout!


♥ Detox HIIT


Make sure you take 10-20 minutes to stretch every single day!It will help with your range of motion and flexibility so you can get right back at it tomorrow!

Day 3

♥ HBSG Week 2 Day 3+

Comment on another LSF girls IG with the inspo quote at the bottom of pg. 29!

(search #teamlsf or #lovesweatfitness)


♥ 5min Arms & Waist Slimming Barre Bootcamp

Comment on another LSF girls IG with some inspo! (search #teamlsf or #lovesweatfitness)


Day 4

♥ HBSG Week 2 Day 4 + 5 Minute Flat Abs




Day 5

♥ HBSG Week 2 Day 5



Comment on another LSFgirls IG & remind her how beautiful she is!

(search #teamlsf or #lovesweatfitness)

Day 6

♥ HBSG Week 2 Day 6 + BonusYou've got this girl!


30-60 minutes of Cardio – Your choice!

It's the freakin' weekend so live a little! Try this super EASY & HEALTHY brownie recipe. Watch yourself though… 2 balls are plenty

vegan brownie bites recipe

Day 7

♥ HBSG Week 2 Day 7 + Couch Workout (Do this first)


Psssst… You were already beautiful! Now you just know it!

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