10 Ways To Get Better Sleep

Life is crazy and it can be super hard to get GOOD sleep as an adult, but it's also super important to make it a priority.

There are tons of reasons why you should make it #1 on your list to do starting right now and here it is…

Why sleep is so good for you.

Sleep gives your body time to rest and regenerate. It gives your digestion a chance to reset and your skin cells a chance to grow healthily with minimal exposure to environmental factors. It helps any injuries heal and shrinks your stress. It improves your memory and can help your body get rid of fat. So, yeah, sleep is pretty key.

Plus, it's a way to boost your health that requires literally nothing from you except crawling under the covers. How great is that?

But it's not always easy to drift off at night, right? I have that problem sometimes so I've been in the process of developing a nighttime routine. And as I dial it in, I've been finding that there are some tried-and-true tips that totally help. So, of course, I want to pass them on to you babes!

Here is a Bedtime Routine Printable to help build healthier habits and promote better sleep. Download, print, and try it at home. Comment below how the tips help you or with your own go-to bedtime routine.

Here are 10 tips I've been using to get amazing sleep every night.

#1: Exercise every day

I know it seems crazy to work out to help yourself chill out, but good sleep is directly linked to regular exercise. Get moving every day and it's easier to fall asleep and stay asleep all night long.

#2: Watch when you eat

Each time you eat food, your body has to work to digest it. So it's pretty hard to slow down the rest of your systems when your digestion is active. I usually stop eating around 8pm each night so my body can settle and get ready for sleep.

#3: Give your skin some pro-style love

After I wash my face, I've been doing this five-step skincare routine before bed that I'm looooving. I swear, my skin is incredibly happy each night and I wake up glowing!

So here are the steps:

  • Spray
  • Face oil
  • Moisturizer
  • Serum
  • Eye cream

#4: Drop some CBD

I live for that feeling of settling into bed after a productive day and just getting to relax, but sometimes my anxiety and general muscle soreness makes relaxing really hard. I've been using Beam CBD salve on my muscles and tincture under my tongue nightly to help reduce inflammation and anxiety (win-win) and it's been super helpful. It's a 100% organic CBD with zero THC so you can feel really safe taking it too.

#5: Set the mood with aromatherapy

What's your favorite sleepy scent? Lavender's a classic, but I love jasmine, too. I rub a little essential oil behind my ears and spray some onto my pillow.

#6: Get grateful

Each night, I set aside a little time to journal. And I always make it a point to write down one good thing that happened during the day. This helps me practice gratitude and always helps me end my day on a high note.

#7: Clear your mind

While you've got your pen out, make a list of everything that's on your mind to tackle tomorrow. Create your to-do list so you can wake up focused and get everything off your mind tonight.

#8: Reduce your exposure to blue light

Did you know screens give off a blue light that stimulates your brain and can keep you from sleeping? Cut your screen time an hour before bed and you'll have an easier time drifting off. That means no phones and no TV, sorry babes!

#9: Get in a groove

Your body has a natural mechanism that can help you fall asleep easily, get great sleep, and wake up feeling refreshed. It's called a circadian rhythm. But the problem is that in order for it to work, you need to go to bed at the same time every night. Yep, even weekends. It's kinda hard but if you have sleep problems, it's soooo worth it, I swear!

#10: Cover up + Get Cozy

Your body feels light, which is awesome for waking up in the morning but can be a total bummer if you're trying to sleep. I love using a sleep mask to block out light so I don't have to count as many sheep. I also am super particular about my pillows, but am loving the Sleep & Glow one I should in my vid!

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Sweet dreams, babes! Zzz.

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