10 Day Hydration Challenge

Hydration challenge. We all have heard sooo many times how important it is to stay hydrated and how amazing it is for us.

But still we struggle to stay on top of drinking water! Why is that babe?? Some days I get suuuuper busy and before I know it it's mid-afternoon and I realize my water intake is like nothing. Coffee on the other hand… I'm good

But really, staying hydrated IS so important and drinking enough water per day gives so many fab benefits that I know we all need.

Staying hydrated is super important in detoxifying your digestive system (I mean… necessary) and also helps in clearing up your skin! Your overall health and physical performance will improve as well as your focus levels if you make sure you give your body the water it needs throughout the day. Drinking enough water also curbs cravings and hunger making sure we don't overeat when we feel hungry, cause sometimes we just need a glass of water or two! Don't get me wrong, I loooove a good snack, but drinking a glass of water before eating helps us better gauge if we're full or not.


  • The 10 Day Hydration Challenge starts November 1st
  • You'll be getting free printables and recipes right in your inbox next week!
  • Grab your LSF water bottle ASAP before they sell out!! We know you babes want to hydrate with us and that's why we're giving you 25% OFF your water bottle with code H2OBABE. You gotta get this! Grab one, or two, and fill it up!
  • Download the LSF App if you haven't already (It's time girl) and track your water intake. It's so satisfying to see that bottle fill up!
  • Share it! Let #TeamLSF know how you are doing with your hydration goals. Did you drink your 4 LSF bottles today? How are you feeling? We want to know! Tag us and use #LSFHydrationChallenge so we can see your progress.

Are you ready for this?! We are so excited to fill up our LSF water bottles and get started! Psssttt… we have a hydration tracker printable coming for you ladies so you can keep track of how you are feeling!! Keep an eye on your email The 10 Day Hydration Challenge starts on November 1st so you have about 1 week to grab your LSF water bottles and get 25% OFF with code H2OBabe. What are you waiting for girl?! Let us know when you have grabbed your LSF water bottle with #LSFHydrationChallenge and let's do this!

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