At home arm exercises. No equipment needed!

Whether you’re stuck at home or just looking for new ways to tone and strengthen your arms without any equipment, we’ve got you. These are Katie’s 5 best at-home arm exercises that anyone can do. You don’t need any dumbbells or booty bands for this workout so get ready for sexy arms with 5 simple moves!

5 best at-home arm exercises
Plank Alternating Arm Reaches
Start in a full plank position and keep your core tight as you reach your right arm forward, set it down, and lift your left arm forward alternating side to side.
5 best at-home arm exercises
Tricep Dips
Start with straight arms, seated on the floor hips raised. Bend your elbow to lower yourself to the floor until elbows are at 90 degrees .Press into your hands to straighten your arms and come back to starting position
5 best at-home
Army Crawlers
Start in a plank. Lower down to your right forearm, then left. Push through your right hand, then your left, to return to full plank position. Repeat, starting on opposite side
5 best at-home
Start in a full plank position and keep your core tight as your lower yourself all the way to the ground to release. Press through your palms to come back to a starting plank position.
5 best at-home arm exercises
Walking Planks
Start in a full plank position and keep your core tight as you walk your hands and feet to the right 6 inches and back to the left. Moving side to side.

Try adding these moves into your week or download LSF the App to get free daily 10 minute workouts and access Katie’s personal training program and exclusive videos!

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