LSF 30 challenge FAQs

What is the LSF 30 Challenge?

Holiday Survival Challenge is a 30-day fitness challenge designed to help you commit 30 days to yourself, your fitness & nutrition, and to set you up for success for 2023 & beyond. ! There will be daily 30 minute workouts in our MOVE app + a detailed (but extremely simple) meal plan that we'll be following throughout the challenge, the 4 Week Hot Body Meal Plan. You'll start the first two days of the challenge with a FREE 2 Day Detox that you get after you sign up. Make the most of your experience and connect with our #TeamLSF online fitness community on Instagram for amazing accountability and support!

What happens after I sign up?

Once you join the challenge, keep an eye on your email! I’ll be sending you everything you need to know to get prepared and ready to sweat it out together! In the meantime, you can download our app MOVE here! In the meantime, you can download our MOVE app here - FREE for 30 days when you sign up! The challenge will automatically show up in your app on January 2nd in the challenges section!

Do I need a MOVE app subscription to participate?

While your daily 10 exercises and bonus moves are always free in the challenge section of the app, your main workout (or “sweat sesh”) is unlocked with the premium subscription. When you sign up you will 30 days FREE through January 15th! And if you love the app and complete the challenge you will receive an additional 30 days free! That is almost two full months free just for signing up and completing the challenge!


Absolutely! We officially start on Monday, January 2nd, but feel free to jump into the challenge at any time!

How do I connect with #TeamLSF for support?

For the best tips on connecting with Team LSF, download your free Motivational Guide (which you’ll find in your challenge confirmation email)!

I am new to fitness, can I still join the challenge?

Of course! This challenge is PERFECT for all levels of fitness. The MOVE app workouts feature beginner, intermediate and advanced formats to meet you exactly where you are in your journey.

Is there a meal plan to follow during the challenge?

Yes! We will be following 2 different meal plans throughout the challenge. We will kick things off with our 2 Day Detox (no weird juices required), which will be sent to you in your confirmation email after you sign up for the challenge. Then, for the next 28 days, we will follow our 4 Week Hot Body Meal Plan, so you'll definitely want to grab that before we start! Think: easy-to-follow daily meals, weekly grocery lists, substitutions, meal prep tips, and more! – everything you need to keep you on track and crushing your fitness goals through the challenge!

How does this challenge differ from regular app programming?

Once you're in the app, the challenge section will have everything you need for your LSF 30 Challenge workouts.

Are there any prizes or giveaways during the challenge?

Yes! We will be doing weekly giveaways throughout the challenge! You will have opportunities every Friday throughout the challenge to win a giveaway during LSF 30! Make sure you’re following @TeamLSF and @LoveSweatFitness on Instagram so you don’t miss any opportunities to win! If you complete the challenge, you will also receive an additional FREE 30 days to the MOVE app! We'll send you more info on that toward the end of the challenge. Lastly, after the challenge, you'll have the opportunity to submit your results and be entered to win our GRAND PRIZE: A "Continue Your Progress" Prize Pack worth $1,500 that's full of everything you need to keep your transformation going! More to come there.

Where do I access the workouts?

On January 2nd, the challenge section of the app will open and your workouts will be ready to go!

Where do I sign up for the app? Your website or the app store?

Either! Take advantage of our LSF 30 offer – 30 days FREE when you sign up for the challenge!