What's new/different about the Move App?

We have added many features and benefits based on what YOU have asked for! Some include:

  1. Ability to swap in a video workout for your Sweat Sesh days and log them in your journal
  2. New and upgraded post workout journal + complete control to edit past entries
  3. Daily 10 has now been added to your journal entries for complete workout tracking
  4. Added option to log past workouts and journals entries, for those, I was too dead on the floor to hit "log" kind of days
  5. Improved GOALS tracking area w/ new detailed water tracker
  6. New Sweaty Selfie builder with multiple frames and sharing options
  7. New progress photo builder, track your progress and create side by side images to see how far you've come, all within the app!

How long are the workouts?

30-45 minutes depending on your fitness level and the specific workout.

Is any equipment required or is it all body weight?

The amount of equipment depends on your level (beginner, intermediate, advanced). Early levels can be done almost entirely with body weight to build endurance, strength, and balance. As you progress, weights and booty bands are introduced to up-level your workouts.

The plan itself will progress in difficulty and encourage you to increase weights as appropriate. A set of dumbbells and the LSF booty bands will have you set for success.

How are the workouts structured?

Following Katie’s 3:1 Method, the workouts are designed to get more challenging each day as you progress. You’ll have 3 strength/circuit focused workouts and 3 cardio based workouts weekly. For cardio days you can either choose 1 of the amazing full length videos in the app or “sweat solo” and choose to do something on your own like a class or outdoor run.

What about Cardio days?

You have the option to do a full length video from the app library or sweat solo. Depending on your level and weeks in the app, the program will automatically take you to the appropriate videos for the type of cardio on your schedule (LISS,MISS,HIIT)

How often will there be new content?

The app is loaded with over a year’s worth of brand new workouts from the start! We will always be adding new workout content (including new videos) on the regular – both in the form of the free daily moves (updated weekly) to the LSF challenges, and obvi new fresh premium subscription workouts multiple times a year.

Do I have to have the MOVE app to do the free challenges?

Yes, LSF challenges will always take place within the app! Don’t worry, they’re still 100% free and available to anyone with the app – premium subscription or not!

Do I have to log every workout in the MOVE app?

No! We added the option to log past workouts and journals entries, for those who were too dead on the floor to hit "log" kind of days. We are so excited to introduce this feature as it was HIGHLY requested by the LSF community!

How do I update levels within the MOVE app?

Go to your profile, then click settings on the top left. From there, you can adjust your fitness level

What should I do if I’m having an issue with the MOVE app?

Please send us an e-mail at , we can help troubleshoot any issue and make sure you get right back to your workout!

Is the MOVE App for me?

Absolutely! The LSF app is for any woman looking to get fit, stay motivated, and transform her life.

Are the daily workouts really free?

Yep! You can download the app in itunes or google play stores to access the FREE daily 10 anytime! All of you have to do is create an account.

With a premium subscription you get exclusive access to the premium workout plan, full length video library, tracking features and all of the fun trophies and more for less than any gym membership!

How much does a subscription cost?

All users can access the premium features with a free 21-day trial. After your trial, the premium version of the app breaks down to $13.99 monthly, $11.99/month with a 3-month plan, or $8.25/month with an annual plan (our best value).

Will I have the ability to Chromecast?

Yes! Chromecast functionality has been added. Timer added to your Sweat Sesh workouts.

Where do I sign up for the MOVE app? Your website or the app store?

To take advantage of the best app offers including the 7-day free trial, create your account and sign up on our website.