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If you know me, you know I go through major moments with products/trends/bands/etc. When I find something I like, I go all in. So this summer, I’ve had a few obsessions, if you will. Today I’m sharing my list of Summer Must-Haves, because I want you on board with all the best in Summer vibes. Even better, I found a way to basically get all my favorite things at a discount…and I’m sharing that too!

For Ultimate Summer Babe Vibes

I really love summer clothes. A good crop top is obviously my shirt of choice, and there is nothing better than a boho dress + a good tan. Or those outfits that you essentially just build over a bikini because you’re going to a pool party? Looooove that. I gotta say, Quicksilver and Roxy are about as prime as it gets for on-trend-laid-back clothes and *cuuuute* bikinis.

Bought some amazing new Roxy summer buys with the Retail therapy app!

For Poppin’ In All the Right Places

You already know I love Lorna Jane . The colors, cuts and feel of it all is great, but the sports bras… They’re AWESOME for girls like me (with a little more going on up top) because they’re super cute and girly, but also really supportive. And her leggings are just perfect too! I put on a pair the other day when I was feeling kinda blah, and just like that, all my curves were poppin’ in all the right places and it was kinda amazing. Belly covered, booty snug 👌So basically, when you want to look in the mirror and be like “Daaaaaayum!” Lorna Jane is, like, a great option.

The best leggings for a popping booty from Lorna Jane!

Fun Cardio for Reals

People are always like “Wow running is such a high, I love it” and I’m over here like “…..But, why?” I like a good run now and again, but my fave forms of cardio involve a lot of variety and ideally some A/C. I need to mix it up so I’m usually either running in weird intervals or trying out new classes on my Hot Body Sweat Guide cardio days. Box Haus is group fitness + boxing, and I always leave feeling super pumped up and ready to go. If you ever get the chance to go, do it! I’m way obsessed currently.Had the best time boxing at BoxHaus! Such a fun way to get cardio.

Delish Nutrish On-the Go

There has been no secret whatsoever that I am not exactly a huge proponent of juice cleanses. No hate, I just think there are better ways. And, I still love juice itself. Pressed Juicery is great because they have so many low-sugar options, and at the end of the day, juice can really pack a good dose of micro-nutrients that you need. With all the insane heat we’ve been getting here in Southern California, I have been constantly craving that green juice and Pressed has options that I feel amazing about. Greens 1 and Greens 1.5 are my faaaaves. And that freeze “ice cream” has been calling to me all week to so…

Pressed Juicery is life, and I am way obsessed with them this summer. Get a discount with the retail therapy app!

The Summer Sweat Bundle

I mean, full disclosure, the reason this box got created is because I wanted you guys to have my summer obsessions. So this is fitting. The coconut rosewater toner is my travel BFF – I literally use it all the time. And the Vital proteins collagen peptides…um, amazing. We use it every single day here at the HQ. We also started designing this towel in like January because we knew we could make the cutest one EVER! And the dad hat…I mean, dad hats are life. It’s all the best of summer in a cute AF box.

Summer Bundle Box Fitness

Remember when I said I got discounts on basically all of the above? MAJOR tip for you California girls right now. I’ve been using this app called Retail Therapy when I go shopping, and it has hundred of awesome deals and discounts for you! Such as…

You don’t have to do anything. You just download the app. Too easy! 10/10 would recommend if you’re trying to live your best life and not spend all the money.

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