September Sweat Jams

New Workout Playlist – September Sweat Jams

It’s a new month and I have a brand NEW playlist for you babes. I’m not fully ready to let go of summer, every really,  so there are a few songs that bring all the sunshine feels. I am kinda obsessed with this new Fergie song! It’s like she’s telling me “life goes on” after summer ? Perfect fit for our September Sweat Jams!

If you aren’t following me on Spotify yet, go! I have TONS of playlists over there that we haven’t added here yet.

Make sure you scroll down to get all the songs too!

This playlist is a little more chill than some I make, but definitely will keep you going through your Hot Body Sweat Guide workouts for sure.

The slower beats on some of them are perfect to help force you to slow down and REALLY focus on engaging the muscles through each movement. It’s easy to just go through the motions and get the workout over with, but you’ll miss out on major benefits.

Take you time, especially if you are adding weight to your workouts, so that you can find that mind body connection. Musical friends, you’ll totally get what I mean about these September sweat jams. Up 2 3 and curl. 

Pull out your Sweat Guide or Free Daily Workout Schedule and get ready for some fun sweaty jams.


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