Lots of Love HIIT Playlist

An Hour of Self-Love Inspiring Sweat Jams

Hey Babes! Phew! We finally made it through January…Can I get an amen?! ?

It’s only been like 2 hours, but February is already giving me all the feels. It’s time to celebrate love and reward ourselves for being amazing women! And I don’t mean by diving into a vat of dark chocolate!

All the Love

This month is all about clearing your mind of negative thoughts and filling it with love. Spend time doing what makes you happy. Hand with friends, family, pets, binge on Netflix and embrace the beauty of being (and loving) yourself!Lots of Love HIIT Playlist, workout playlist, playlist, music, fitness music, sweat jams, love sweat fitness, daily workouts, at home workouts

Your mind is a powerful thing! What you think about yourself impacts how you feel. Negative self talk, where we put ourselves down thinking we aren’t fit enough, pretty enough, smart enough or strong enough will leave you feeling totally terrible.

The great news! The more we think positive thoughts, the easier it becomes to truly feel positively about ourselves and live a happier life! So, if you ever have a perma rain cloud over you, just picture a unicorn riding a rainbow out of it!


Lots of Love HIIT Playlist

In the spirit of love and feeling great, I geeked out and designed an hour long HIIT workout playlist to get you started with the Lots of Love Challenge

If you aren’t too distracted just trying to breathe, you might notice there’s a theme… The songs follow the journey of a relationship. I know, so deep ?At the end of it, the message is, partners might come and go, but all is right in the world when you love yourself!

I did my workout to it tonight and felt extra spicy! I know you’re gonna love it while getting your booty kicked by the HBSG!

Remember that in the wise words of RuPaul, “If you can’t love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else?!” Now time to slay away!

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