Splits stretches. Learn How to Do the Splits with Liz of Super Sister Fitness

I’ve wanted to learn to do the splits my entire life. Since I was little I can remember trying for weeks and then eventually giving up. Guessing that’s why it’s still a skill I don’t have.  It seems so silly now, but I just feel like it’s something I still need to conquer. Do you guys have any random life-goals like this? There are always little things in like that will  keep popping up and at some point you just have to do them.

I remember having talked to my girlfriend Liz of Super Sister Fitness about her serious splits skills and found out she made video to help you learn how to do the splits fast. Patients is not one of my best virtues so I’m definitely on board for this.

Her #1 tip is to be patient. Uhhhhh?. Welp…”fast” is relative so I guess it will be a double challenge for me then.

I figured I can’t be the only adult wanting to learn so here goes… Who’s with me? Checkout her video on How to do the Splits in 3 easy steps and let’s do this!

I always share how important it is to warm up before a workout, especially for those of you doing the Hot Body Sweat Guide, and doing the splits is no different. There is a warm-up in the video or you can use your dynamic warm-up exercises from the guide. Just make sure you do it!

There is a second part to this splits series as well if you are wanting even more splits magic. Head to the Super Sister Fitness YouTube channel and check it out.

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learn how to do the splits
xoxo katie

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5 years ago

Splits were a big part of my life growing up as a gymnast (although I really had to work to get them, and they were not perfect by any means!). I always thought they were just one of those things gymnasts did, so it’s funny to see people actually wanting to be able to do them lol. But good luck, and definitely be patient!