Over 100 Mouth Watering Recipes Designed to Burn Fat!!


Meal Prep and Cabinet Clean Out Guide!


Tips and Tricks to Beat Cravings and Prevent Over Eating


Grocery Shopping List and My Secrets for Eating Out


  • Learn how to lose weight and keep it off!
  • Nutritional education to maintain your healthy lifestyle
  • Over 100 mouth watering healthy recipes that anyone can cook
  • Easy step by step meal prep
  • How to successfully eat out and stay on track
  • The ultimate cabinet clean out checklist
  • How to satisfy cravings and tips to prevent over eating
  • Grocery shopping list and food journal to track your progress
  • Snack Smarter: Pre and Post Workout Snacks to Boost Results
  • My Do’s & Don’t’s of Eating
  • Guide to Stay Fit While Traveling


Hot Body Meal Plan

Using my Hot Body Meal Plan with the Guiltless Nutrition Guide together is the perfect combination! With the Guiltless Nutrition Guide, I will teach you what “clean eating” truly means, and how to apply it in your every day life. We will clean out your pantry and show you how to stay on track when eating out. The Hot Body Meal Plan will lay out what to eat day-by-day, so you never have to guess! With the meal plan, you get a detailed, easy to follow-eating plan with over 25 of my favorite recipes. Pair the Meal Plan & Nutrition Guide together to kick cravings, change your lifestyle and look and feel your best!



I was at a complete loss on how to get in shape.

I had continually fluctuated up and down – 10, 15, 20 pounds over the course of four years. I was killing my body and my metabolism as I tried to make up for those drinks and breakfast burritos that I am sure are all too familiar to many of you. I had tried every fad diet and home workout video there was, but nothing stuck…

I’ve tried it all and found that in order to see real change, you need only one magic ingredient – YOU!

My goal is for every woman to know that she deserves to live a happy, healthy, balanced life. I love food, I love champagne, and I love to have fun! I didn’t want to live a life of restriction. I discovered the ways I could eat healthy while still enjoying my everyday. So, I wrote the NEW Guiltless Nutrition Guide & Recipe Book as a tool to teach you HOW to do it too! With my simple tips and tricks, you’ll be able to set your kitchen up for success, navigate nights out, and curb any crazy cravings you have!


“I highly recommend this guide for people who are needing some extra help and advice on eating right and eating clean. A healthy diet is just as (if not more) important as exercising. My favorite part of this guide is tha
t it comes with a whole grocery list to help you get started as well as some yummy recipes to go with them!”

– Kenna R.


Combine 8 Weeks of Dynamic Workouts
with a Simple to Follow Eating Plan & Recipe Book

If you’re looking to see amazing results that LAST, this bundle has it ALL!

Live the LSF lifestyle & find your happy Hot Body!