Stay fit traveling. Healthy eating and regular workouts while traveling is tough, but I’ve got some easy travel trips to help you stay fit now matter where you are.

If you follow me on SnapChat {LoveSweatAndFit} you know I travel a-LOT. There are a few things you have to do if you want to stay fit during your trips and not completely throw your healthy habits out the window.

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♥ Drink Up

Water is KEY when you’re traveling (and always really…) Between long flights, late nights, salty foods and hot weather you can easily get dehydrated which can quickly suck the fun out of your trip!

There are lots of reasons why it’s important to drink up, but these are the most important to me!

Science shows that mild dehydration increases the frequency of headaches in women.

Especially if you’re going to be in the sun, do your best to meet your daily hydration needs!

Studies have found that not drinking enough water can make you feel less content and effect your mood.

No one wants to be in a bad mood on vacay! Since stress is often something we can’t control, make the effort to drink plenty of water to keep negative feelings at bay!

Some research has linked being dehydrated with feeling more anxious and tense.

If you’re like me, just the thought of traveling can stress you out. {I have a SERIOUS fear of flying} Drink a full glass of water first thing in the morning and keep a bottle on hand all day!

♥Women should be drinking at least 1.6L of water a day if they’re spending time in the sun And if you plan on having poolside cocktails, make sure to drink a full glass of water for every drink you have!

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♥ Keep It Clean

Of course you’re going to want to indulge, but don’t get crazy. The more you can try to stick to your regular diet, the better. When eating out, make sure you are still going for lean proteins, lots of veggies and the right carbs. My biggest challenge is limiting tortilla chips in Mexico! They are my weakness… I have to give myself a set amount and I savor those bad boys like nobodies business!

Vacation 101: Crunches before cocktails! On the low end, one cocktail will add at least 100 calories to your day. They add up fast friends! Make sure you check out my low calorie cocktail recipes so you know what to make and order while you’re traveling.

Don’t let vacation turn into drinks and junk food all day, every day. Pick and chose where you want to splurge so you don’t overdo it.

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Push It Real Good

This isn’t the time to take a vacation from your workouts. If anything, with all the extra food and drinks you’ll be having, it’s more of a reason to make sure you get them in! I always get a workout in every day when I travel (unless I’m doing something crazy active all day that is a workout in and of itself). The recipe for success here is to get it in first thing in the morning, it will help you make better decisions all day long as you travel.

  • Pack resistance bandsThey take up basically no room in your suitcase at all. (Get them HERE)
  • Take the StairsYou can burn about 10 calories for every minute you spend on the stairs & avoid awkward elevator silence with strangers 
  • Do some HIIT! Get your sweat on with my20 minute HIIT workout, you’ll burn around 250 calories and even more all day long.
stay fit traveling Beach, lazy beach days, ocean, bikini, bathing suite, eat clean, drink water, hydration, stay hydrated, abs, fitness, fitspiration, yoga, cabo, balance

♥Vacuum Everywhere You Go!

It’s not quite what you’re thinking…. I’m not talking about cleaning your floors. This is an Ab-Vacuming exercise and it’s all about tightening up your tummy. No one likes the travel belly bloat that comes with days of eating new foods and sipping delicious cocktails. One of the best ways to keep your stomach in check is by “vacuuming.” This is where you pull your belly button into your spine, keeping your core tight and engaged. Try to hold this position while breathing regularly for about 60 seconds, relax and repeat. If you can do this regularly, your will notice your lower belly begin to appear much flatter. This is a perfect exercise to do while driving, sitting on an airplane or even just laying on the beach. Let me know after you try this, it seriously works!

Beach, lazy beach days, ocean, bikini, bathing suite, eat clean, drink water, hydration, stay hydrated, abs, fitness, fitspiration

Honestly girls, these things seem simple, but can be hard to stick to; especially if you’re traveling with friends or family who don’t care about coming home from vacation feeling good. Think about it… your goal is to relax and refresh right? If you go and eat junk and skip your workouts, you’re going to feel terrible by the end of the trip. You’ll get home feeling blah and like all your hard work before vacation was a waste. That’s definitely not how I want to come off my trip. You’ve got to put your health and happiness first. Let them do their thing, but make sure you don’t let them convince you that you shouldn’t be able to do yours. #youdoyou 

Live life. Have fun and make sure to share your travel plans,photos and experiences with the LSF community. Hashtag #lovesweatfitness #teamlsf on Instagram or comment on the blog to let everyone know whats up!

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5 years ago

I’m just under a year late reading this article, but all your tips were so helpful. It’s been a year journey for me and my fit life. I’m going away and i’m just nervous i won’t be able to keep up with my workouts but i’ll do my best. Its always easier when the person you’re going with is as motivated as you. We went to atlantis back in september and i dragged him to the gym everyday. =) We will see how this trip goes.

Team LSF
5 years ago
Reply to  Lisa

You’ve got this Lisa!! So glad you saw it before you left though!


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