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I saw a post yesterday on instagram that said "why is it that as soon as Thanksgiving week hits all our routines go out the window?" It stopped me in my tracks because, while it used to be true for me, it literally is such a cop-out. Yes our schedules get busier, and yes there are likely more moments to indulge, but that DOES NOT mean you can't have a solid holiday routine.

The Holiday Survival Challenge is all about helping you build out a holiday routine that makes sense for YOU! What works for me may or may not work for you.

That said, the tools I'm giving you over the next three weeks will allow you to set a foundation to build on for you life.

Kicking Things Off

During out prep-week I wanted you to focus on figuring out what was realistic for your holiday routine. It was about looking ahead, setting goals and figuring out what was most important to you.

If you missed the routine builder printables from last week you can find them here.

Now it's time to get to work!

We are starting Week 1 of our Holiday Survival Challenge and it's go time! Time to put your plans into action and really dig into your routines.

Week 1 Routine Planning

Your Holiday Survival Challenge workouts will be in your LSF App starting tomorrow, Monday Nov. 29th.

Below you will find all of the other additions I plan on making to my daily routine. Scheduling these into YOUR routine will reduce holiday stress and give you solid foundation for the next 21 days!

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As you start to plan out your Week 1 routine today, use the printable below to help guide your schedule.

I shared more about how I'm doing this on TeamLSF and it's saved in the challenge highlight!

holiday routine, thanksgiving week routine, healthy holidays, avoid gaining weight during holidays


This week's giveaway is going to be all about helping you create more time for YOU!!! I'll be giving away TONS of amazing self care and beauty products ($500+ value).

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Our Prep-week winner was @AmyLL16 - she won LSF Nutrition + an outfit from Goldsheep for her and a friend!

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