Why You Need To Take A Vacay


Vacation getaway. Why Getting Away Is Good for Your Health

Summer is upon us and while sometimes that means relaxation, it often means jam-packed schedules with plans, weddings, and things to do. I love an event as much as anyone out there, but sometimes we're so busy packing in fun-fun-fun that it can be exhausting!

So how do we find a way to relax and actually decompress? Three words: take a break. Could be a vacation or a staycation, but treat yourself to some fun and relaxation. You deserve it!

My Girls Getaway

I just spent the weekend at Rancho Valencia with my mom and sister, and I for sure came back feeling rejuvenated and rested. And the best part was I didn't have to fly anywhere! It's right in San Diego (my home town) so a quick 40 minute drive and we were there!

Rancho Valencia has everything I look for in a vacation spot. Amazing outdoor activities like tennis and biking, a GORGEOUS spa, delicious restaurants and great places to hide away to relax. We had a private villa with the most incredible tub (you knowI'm a sucker for a good bath) a beautiful fireplace, private patio and they delivered fresh squeezed orange juice each morning to our room! It seriously may be one of the most lux places I've ever stayed!We definitely had a ton of good girl time fun, but it also gave us just want we needed to really relax.

Why Take a Break?

Your health depends on it.

Reduce stress.

There are studies backing up the fact that vacations work for you. And not just while you're away, but after, too! After taking time off of work, vacationers felt better and more physically relieved of stress for up to five weeks! Uh, yes please!

Better Sleep.

We're stressed. Like all of us, all the time. Especially Americans. We can't unwind, so we can't sleep. Which makes us more stressed. And then we can't take time off of work because then we'll fall behind… ahhh! Vicious cycle!

But when we actually take the time to go on a vacay, interrupting our crazy stress and bad habits (think staying up late to work or going down the scroll-hole), we sleep better. Double bonus: if you're rested, you're less likely to stall in your fitness goals!

Your job depends on it.

Be more productive.

We all want to give our best in all we do, especially at work. In the rush to get ahead, climb the corporate ladder, get our next product to market, or whatever it is… we often skip vacation. Thinking it'll give us an advantage. But studies say otherwise!

In fact, more vacation time has shown to improve productivity. More vacation time means you'll actually come back refreshed and ready to be at peak productivity levels. Plus, when you're more productive, you're happier, and when you're happier… you're more productive. Funny how that works, right?!

HOW to Take a Break

Plan it.

It's fun to plan! Dream of where to go, where to stay, what activities to do while you're there, what to eat… oh man, so. much. fun.

In faaaaact, planning and looking forward to your trip actually is shown to make you happier than even going on the trip itself! Isn't that insane?! So get planning! Pinning, planning, reserving… get it, girl!

Relax on it.

So everyone who plans a trip sees a boost in happiness… but not everyone necessarily feels happier after the vacay. The only people who actually feel happier after vacation wraps up are the ones who relax on the vacation.

Don't Stress about it.

If planning a trip sounds stressful and the opposite of fun or relaxing… well, instead of making it some giant ordeal… plan (and take!) a mini-vacay. A weekend getaway, like Katie just did with her momma and sister for a belated Mother's Day. Keep it simple, keep it relaxing. And keep doing it!

Vacation or Staycation?

It doesn't matter if you jet off somewhere fab or hunker down in your own city, just make sure you're planning some fun, relaxation, and taking care of yourself! You want those vacation vibes to last long after the time off ends, right?!

Here are some of our best tips for a fab vacation… or staycation!

Spa it up!

Whether that's at a posh spa at a resort or in your own house — do it! Book an appointment for your fave treatment or grab a mask — we're loving these from Freeman — and make a batch of detox water by simply throwing some strawberries & basil OR cucumber & lemon in a pitcher of water and letting it chill overnight. Get hydrated, take a deep breath, and give yourself some TLC!

Get outside!

On the beach or in your yard… it does NOT matter. Just spend at least 2 hours outside to get the full relaxation vibes flowin'.

Check out a new spot for dinner.

If it's a local staycation, venture to the other side of town to that hot new restaurant or find that food truck you've been dying to try. If it's a vacation in a new city, a sure fire way to find the best grub is to ask people who actually live there. You'll skip the trendy, tourist traps and find the best food. Sometimes the outside doesn't look as glam as you'd like but the food makes up for it?

Doctor's Orders: Plan some Relaxation!

Get planning, girlfriend! Grab your girls, your fam, or just plan something solo! Whatever it is, get busy planning some TLC. Your mood will improve before, during, and if ya do it right, even after the vacation… not to mention increased productivity, better sleep, and better cardiovascular health.

I mean, it'd be irresponsible not to cash in some PTO and plan an amaze trip!

Be sure to share with us where you're going or what you're planning to do to get to know your own city a little better! We love to hear what you're up to and see the amazing things Team LSF babes can accomplish!

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