Why You Need To Wash Your Face Post-Workout


Wash your face post workout. Hey, gorgeous! Let's talk about an often overlooked, but really important aspect of skin care: post-workout cleansing!

A lot of us don't have the opportunity to go home from the gym to take a shower before we zoom off to work or class, and while it's tricky to do, your skin should not have to suffer for your #bossbabe schedule!

Sometimes if you're running short on time, or need 5 extra minutes to give to your beautiful mane or killer OOTD, it can be super tempting to just give your t-zone a once-over with a wipe or splash some water onto your face and then move on to makeup.

That would be great if that worked, but one of the difficult things about keeping your skin glowing is that pesky (and invisible) little thing known as bacteria. Throughout the day, and particularly when you work out, sweat can cause oils and bacteria to collect on your face, and if left there it can cause inflammation and breakouts.

As if the bacteria you're introduced to in the gym isn't bad enough, it's also important to make sure that as you move on from the gym to the rest of your day, you've gotten off any makeup you had onbeforeyour workout also. Having a full face of makeup might make you feel super confident while you're working out next to that hot guy lifting weights, but any makeup you have on creates a layer on your skin that can trap all of that yucky stuff in your pores and worsens the situation.

So now that you know all of that, it's easy to see why it's sooo important to have a good cleansing routine that you can easily do as you move on from working out to the rest of your day. You might be thinking "ugh how am I supposed to get fit and have clear skin, and have time to get ready for work…and…and….".

BUT, lucky for you (and me!), Swedish brandFOREOdoesn't want you to have to choose between clear skin and a fit bod, so they've come out with one of my fav new tools! We know workouts already have tons of benefits, but if you're not using a facial cleansing device before and after your sweat sessions (when your skin is most receptive to sonic cleansing), you're missing out on somemajorbenefits!

Just one minute with this baby removes dirt, oil, makeup residue, and dead skin cells, leaving your skin feeling and looking softer, smoother, and healthier than before! The T-Sonic pulsations get deep and work to tackle blackheads and restore your skin's natural radiance, so you'll start to see benefits right away – um, yes please!

LUNA 3 facial cleansing and firming massager is lightweight, only needs a once-in-a year charge (650 uses!) with a USB cord, and has a super chic + sleek Swedish design that makes it ideal for carrying in your gym bag!

I've put together a short video for you of what my post-workout skin routine looks like with the LUNA 3, so you'll know how to use yours – because trust me, you'll want one of your own ASAP!

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