Weekly Workout Schedule

Fitness schedule. Weekly schedule Feeling Strong, Confident and Motivated!

Last week's Motivation Challengegave us all the feels! TeamLSF is a group of incredibly strong, beautiful, confident womenand yes,that means YOU! I truly hope you're feeling more inspired and motivated to take on any challenge that's in front of you this week knowing #TeamLSF has your back!

Weekly schedule. Warrior Two Yoga

Make sure you warm up every day before you get your sweat on!


Workout Time (20 minutes)

Video x2 + HBSGW4D1


Sweat with Your Squad

Checkout our brand new partner workout! Perfect for summer beach days with your besties!

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Abs + LISS Cardio

Workout Time (30+ minutes)

Video x2 + Your Choice LISS + HBSGW4D2


*HBSG girls, do this video 1x as a bonus before your sweat guide

Arms + Abs

Workout Time (20+ minutes)

Each Video 1x + HBSGW4D3


*HBSG girls, do this video 2x as the arms part of your sweat guide workout

June Phone Backgrounds

Have your downloaded this month's phone background yet? Download yoursnow and checkout some of the cute ones from last monthtoo!

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Toned Thighs

Workout Time (10 minutes)

Video x2 + HBSGW4D4


Full Body Blast

Workout Time (30 minutes)

Each Video x1+ HBSGW4D5


*HBSG girls, add one of these as a bonus to your workout!

Song Challenge Saturday!

Workout Time (15 minutes)

Each Video 1x+ HBSGW4D6


*HBSG babes, chose one to do 1x at the beginning of your workout today.

Active Rest & Recovery

15 minute Stretch Sesh+Optional HBSGW4D7


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