Ways To Connect With #TeamLSF

Ways to Connect with the LSF Community, #TEAMLSF!

There are SO many Team LSF babes all over the globe, ready to connect and cheer you on during your health & wellness journey. We want to give you allll the tools on how to get started connecting with this incredible LSF community! First and foremost, IG will be your new BFF and is the easiest way to reach out and slide in the DM'S.

Here's our favorite ways to get the most out Team LSF!

  • Psssttt! This one is super important (and why it's first!). Make your LSF instagram account public that way more girls can see your page, cheer you on and @TeamLSF might even share your post!
  • One of our favorite ways to stay hydrated is the "See a Chug, Send a Chug" challenge! All you have to do is take an IG story sipping on some water and tag a few babes to do the same! This will create a hydration chain and is a great way to say "hi!" to the community.
  • If you see a girl that is totally crushing her workouts, feel free to send her a message letting her know! Women empowering women is what LSF is all about. We love our LSF Community!
  • When you're searching through LSF hashtags you can click to "follow" that hashtag at the top! This will keep your IG feed flowing with sweaty selfies, delicious recipes and all the motivation from your girls.
  • Request to join the Love Sweat Fitness Secret Facebook Group! This is where we talk about allll things. Nothing is off limits. This is a safe space to ask questions, connect with women in the community and be totally vulnerable.

We are so excited for you to start connecting with this community and live your best LSF life. So get going! Tagging, commenting, following are going to be your 3 new favorite words!

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