Tracking My Weight-Loss, Workouts + Food | Europe Trip

Europe trip. It's inevitable that going on vacation means a little detour from your normal routine, but that doesn't mean my hard work leading up to vacation gets thrown out the window.

I've given you guys lots of tips for how to stay fit while traveling, but I thought it would be cool to show you even more!

Instead of just telling you what you should do, I'm going to be sharing what I am actually doing as I track my weight-loss, workouts and food!

I'm literally typing this sitting at my table, waiting for Ryan to tell me it's time to call the Uber and head to the airport. For the next 16 days we will be jet setting around Spain and Portugal.

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I love the destinations, but the whole traveling to them part gives me major anxiety. So…I'm channeling my energy here…And day dreaming about these beaches!

I really want to be as transparent as possible because otherwise this is a waste of time.

♥ My Eating Plan:

While I may not be jotting down every detail of what I'm eating each day, I'll definitely give you a general idea, plus you will see most of it if you follow me on SnapChat {LoveSweatAndFit}

I'm bringing some healthy snacks and the Vital Protein Marine Collagen Peptidesto make sure I'm not temped to just grab whatever's on the street.

The plan is to avoid fried foods, limit cheeses and starches (like normal) and keep to as much of my regular diet as possible.

Sweets aren't my thingso I'm not worried about nightly treats, but the Cava (Spanish sparkling wine) is what will get me. We all have our vices right?

Luckily, since we are going to mostly costal destinations I know fresh fish, fruits and veggies are a staple in the diet which is a HUGE plus.

europe bridge over paris

♥ My Workout Plan:

If you've seen my morning routinevideo you know I do my bikini ab ladder each morning. That adds up to 300 abs. I'll still do those every single day, with a full workouts 5-6 days a week – no excuses! There is always at least 20 minutes a day we can spend getting our sweat on!

Ryan and I are all bout the LSF HIIT workoutson vacay. They're the best when your traveling because you don't need any equipment and they don't waste your valuable vacation time!

The plan is to do a mix of HIIT, long outside runs and some of my(soon to be released) Sweat Guidecircuits when we're at a hotel with a gym (we are airbnb-ing it too)

♥ My Goal:

I plan on having the time of my life! How could I not? I'm traveling with my hubby of almost 5 years! I will eat, drink and be merry, but also maintain my solid healthy habits.

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I have set a goal for myself…to come back without having gained a pound. I typically don't trackmyself on the scale pre and post vacation so this is a first for me!

Whilemuscle and fat ratios + water weight are important, for this I will be looking strictly at my weight on the scale.

♥ My Starting Point:

Before we left, I got in a cardio session and weighed myself right after.

Starting Weight:130.6 pounds

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I'm feeling fit, strong and awesome…let's do this!

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