This Year's LSF 30 Winners!


LSF 30 winners

First off, this entire community won during the LSF 30 challenge. You babes really stepped it up, more than we could ever imagine. The self care and self love that happened throughout this challenge was the perfect way to kick off 2021. We are so proud of each and every one of you! Going through all of your submissions is always an emotional experience. The vulnerability shown does not go unnoticed by any of us at LSF HQ. Thank you for always going deep with us and letting us into your story.We are so excited to share our LSF 30 winners!

Now it's time to announce our Grand Prize Winner…!!!

This babe will be receiving:

  • Cash prize of $2,500!
  • Year supply of Uniquely You ACV Gummies
  • Wahl Massager


Angela, @Singlemomraisinglight_lsf_

LSF 30 winners

Angela is simply incredible. LSF 30 was her first challenge with us and wow, did she make an impact on this community! Her Instagram handle says it best, she is a single mom raising light! She has an 8 year old daughter and one of her main reasons for taking part in this challenge was to set a positive example for her by finding herself: "The most important thing I'm holding onto after LSF30 is myself. Now that I've found myself I'm not ever letting myself go. I've learned that there are always going to be ebbs and flows and I'm ready now to face whatever challenges may come my way. Myself will always be a priority now."

Angela's perspective is exactly the goal of LSF 30: "not to discredit my weight loss of 16 pounds but my mindset shift has been huge! I feel like a whole new being living with a ton of possibilities that I never thought was possible."

And you know how extra we can be, so we of course had to nominate 2 runner ups. These ladies will each be winning:

  • Wahl Massager
  • Free Year to LSF the App!
LSF 30 winners

Runner Ups


Alicia is such a light in this community! She hosted a Secret Galentines Gifting to spread love to all the ladies in #TeamLSF. Her biggest takeaway from LSF 30 was: "I learned to love myself again. It's not just going to hold this year but for many more to come as well. I've learned to be positive and look at myself with positivity instead of telling myself I would be happier if I looked a certain way."

Erin; @erinlsf

If you looked up "show up" in the dictionary, you would see Erin! She committed to her LSF 30 workouts each and every day, participated in #lsflevelup & #lsfextraclub challenges, and was a huge supporter of all the women in this community. We loved hearing her biggest take away from LSF 30: "This challenge taught me that self care is so important to overall health. Before LSF I never took time for myself and I was totally exhausted and had no energy for working out or really anything. I really learned how to intuitively eat and how much I should be eating"

Our Pink Heart Award goes to our girl, Gina! AKA @gean_lsf

Girl, if you're not following Gina on Instagram, what are you doing?! She inspires everyone in the #TeamLSF community. It was incredible to see so many of you mention her in your submissions. We are so happy to give her the LSF Pink Heart Award. If you aren't familiar with this award, we started it during the last Summer Shape Up challenge! This award is for the girl that is the heart and soul of the community...GINA. Her heart, her raw vulnerability, and drive is always present. She is a hypo babe and also started a self imposed Guitless Nutrition Guide challenge this past month! Talk about an #lsfgoalgetter <3


These babes will be winning a fun self care gift <3







Kim Cary @Kkgetsfit_lsf





Emilie- @sparkle_lsf


Uche- @uae_lsf

Carly Lester-@carly_l_lsf

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