The Bachelor Workout

Bachelor workout. Fun Workout While You Watch The Bachelor

Have you triedthe Bachelor Workout yet? Get ready to be sore! Gosh it's been SO good! So many tears. Too many "right reasons" to count + a whole lotta wrong ones.

I'm in the ABC Bachelor fantasy league with Ryan, my bestie and her hubs . I know….we're ridiculous, but it's my favorite guilty pleasure right now.

In cause the drama wasn't entertaining enough, I thought I would put together a little workout to help get you through. Plus, you'll feel less guilty about the vino and sweet treatsyou're noshing on in the name of love!

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Bachelor Nation

Ok- so do you watch? What are your thoughts on Nick? I feel bad for the guy. Pretty sure he has been "in love" and rejected at least 3x on national t.v. Then I remember he's getting paid to hang with babes for a few months and travel the world so…..

My thoughts so far…

First, therehave been way less"this is the most _______ in bachelor history"quotes from Chris Harrison. Maybe it's because Nick has been on the dang show so many times. There's not much they can really do to take it next level with him.

The astronaut-ing date was a first for The Bachelor though. I 100% would have barfed as well, but it definitely wouldn't have made it in the bag. Poor girl. That is the worst. Can you even imagine puking on a first date? YUCK!

Second, formy fantasy league I have Danielle L taking the ring. Sarah is a close second, plus she is from the OC so I automatically had to give her some local girl points.

Third, the girls look real board in the house most of the time. I wish I could go give them a little LSF sweat sesh! A little Hot Body Sweat GuideAction.OMG how much fun would that be!

Lastly, it's about time they bring in some new people for these shows! I get why they take "contestants" from a past season to be the next Bachelor or Bachelorette, but then you end up with the Nick Veils of the world. Don't get me wrong, I actually really like him, but it would be nice to spice things up now and then!

If you're a "Bachelor Nation" girl, pin this workout and grab your besties! Tonight it's on!!

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