Take A Hike


Take aWalkHike on the Wild Side

Hey babe, let's take a hike and get our LISS on in the wild!

IDK about you, but the best way to really feel alive for me is to get my butt outside. Even when, or especially when, I do not want to move off the dang couch. It just revitalizes me and reminds me what a big world is out there, beyond the endless scroll hole of Insta.?

So today I'm sharing one of my fave tips for enjoying the great outdoors, gettin' your LISS on, and welcoming spring (uh, summer?) with open arms… taking a hike!

Tips to like your hike

Hike with friends!?Sure, a solo hike can be good for the soul once in a while, but taking a hike with friends lets you double dip ( one of our go-to tips for loving LISS)! Feed your soul with girl time and girl talk, while feeding your body with a little LISS sweat sesh.

Keep your core engagedContracting your abs while walking, hiking, or really doing any exercise is key! It keeps your posture in check and helps shape those muscles inward. If you don't engage your core, you're basically training your stomach to be in a relaxed or more pushed out position… that only makes you look bigger than you are! Lock it up, babe! Psst! You should still be able to breathe and talk normally while engaging your core.

Level UP

If you're lookin' to bring yourLISS sesh up a notch, we gotchu, girl!

  • Wanna max out your cardio sesh? Throw in some HIIT intervals! Try to run uphill for 30 seconds, then break for a few min. It's a great way to shed those last few pesky lbs. and get those abs poppin'
  • Pick a trail with a steep incline and work datbooty!?First, make sure to warm up them buns, hun! Do some warm-up lunges. You wanna make sure your biggest muscle is working hard, NOT your quads. (Just say no?to bulky thighs, plz.)
  • Stay hydrated and stylish!?Wear a cute hip pack to store your water bottle! Hikes are usually longer than the standard workout, so you've gotta plan ahead to stay hydrated!
  • Push yourself! If you're looking for a full body workout or an easy way makeup a skipped sesh… bring along your HBSG! The beauty of the HBSGis it lives in your phone and goes wherever you go! Just stop every 10 min for a quick set of exercises! Pushups, mountain climbers (literally?), or even tricep dips from a bench can all elevate your cardio to a tough workout sesh.?
  • Abs on point!?Every 2 min, stop… ab ladder time! Do one set of the ladder each time you stop. This will give you an amazing LISS and ab day. Remember to always keep your core engaged even when not doing the ladder! Train them muscles right!

Remember! Hiking doesn't have to be complicated!

You don't have to find some glamorous, perfect trail! Even if you live in a city, there's bound to be somewhere you can hike! Here's a list of the best places in each state to try, or just find a trail or hilly part of your city and treat it like a trek!

So get out there, girl! Grab your besties, your Day Drinking Water Bottle, and your fave sneaks and get your LISS on in mother nature. Be sure to snap a pic and share with your LSF babes where you went on the 'Gram!

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