Stay Fit During The Holidays – 3 Simple Tips!


Stay fit during the holidays. Recently I have had a lot of questions about how to stay fit & healthy during the holidays.

There are so many different ways to do this, but many of them of course involve taking extreme, unrealistic measures. I wanted to share myTop 3 Tipswith you to help get and stay on track this year. To me, these are the most important things to do in order to enjoy the holidays without the added stress.They are simple, straight forward and completely manageable.With the holidays just around the corner, this is the perfect time to get started!

1. Detox Now! If you can take the next week or two to cut the sugar addiction you will save yourself a lot of guilt and tears. I say it all the time, but sugar is hiding in EVERYTHING! It's a sneaky little devil that destroys our bodies from the inside out. Our bodies are literally addicted to it and most of us donÔøΩÔøΩÔøΩt even realize we are eating it half the time. If you have the LSF Guiltless Nutrition Guide, you know I believe the best way to cut it out of your diet is to eat only whole foods.

Removing pre-packaged foods will automatically eliminate any unnatural sugars. Otherwise, check your labels! You want to try to eat foods with NO sugar,and that also means, NOsugar substitutes (ie. Splenda, Sweet 'N Low, Equal, etc.) If you can do this for about two weeks, you should begin to notice a decrease in cravings for, not just sweets, but most unhealthy foods. The first few days might be tough, but hang in there. If you cut the habit now, the holidays will be much less stressful! You can enjoy a treat here and there without feeling the guilt of eating and drinking a days worth in one sitting.


2. Be Prepared!It is super hard to resist those temping bites and treats at the office and holiday parties. Sometimes your "friends" even makeYOUfeel bad for not over indulging with them (it's seriously terrible). The best way to avoid eating crap you shouldn't or feeling like the odd woman out, is to come prepared. Bring healthier versions of your favorite snacks to share. I am all about making small changes or substitutions so you can still enjoy food without questioning each bite!

One of my favorites are the Peppermint Chocolate Macaroonsfrom Danielle at Against All Grain. They are so delicious and aremade up of just a few amazingly wholesomeingredients! I also will make my Protein Bitesand add peppermint, gingerbread or even thinly coat them in dark chocolate or nuts to make them more of a treat for parties!I lovemakingdesserts at home because you don't have to worry about all the processed garbage that is in those pre-packaged cookies and cakes. That way you can indulge a little without the guilt, knowing that you are eating something that won't throw you off the wagon.

macaroons Variety of Protein Balls

3. Don't Change Your Routine!During the holiday season, schedules tend to get super packed. You have all of your normal responsibilities like work, school, kids, etc. Plus, you now have tons of parties and events to attend. It is easy to let your workout routine slip in order to do everything else, but it is the worst thing you can do. Now, I would like to think that everyone will get their nutrition on point before the holidays, so that if you missed a workout or two it would be no bid deal, but let's be honest.

Even if you dominate steps 1 & 2 above, your diet may still be less than perfect. The way you can ensure you continue feeling healthy and fit is to keep your workouts going strong. How many times have you had to make a New Year's Resolution that revolved around your body…? Probably more than you can count. Don't let this year be the same. Start strong now and push through the holidays so that come January 1st, you can focus on making goals for more important things like your family, friendships or your career. Of course you may have to make some adjustments.

Do your workout in the morning so that you can swing by the holiday happy hour!

Or use a lunch break to get in some circuits (no one can be mad that your sweaty in the office when you just killed it during your lunch) I am a big fan of baby wipe "showers" when necessary! While it isn't always convenient, it isALWAYSworth it!

Stay fit

At the end of the day the holidays should be about enjoying the people you care the most about. It is hard to do that when you are constantly focused on yourself and your FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out on…cakes, cookies, candy and other holiday treats). Do yourself a favor and get on track now so that you can just relax from Thanksgiving to Christmas and enjoy all the wonderful things around you.

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