Squats Partner Workout


Squats workout. Summer means long days laying out by the pool, brunching around town, and shopping trips.

Workout with your Girls

If you're spending these long days with your girls, you're gonna need to squeeze in that workout. We've got our favorite moves for a group workout — add as many friends as you want ? Sweat it out with this squats workout!

The Workout

Repeat the set 4 times

Ball Pass

Grab a weighted ball or bucket of sand and get ready to work your core to the max! Start with a slight bend in your knees, abs locked in tight and twist right to left. Repeat 20 reps.

Squat Ab Hop-Overs

If there are three of you, set yourselves up like this. One person (babe A) lying on the floor, one with feet placed on either side of their head (babe B) and the last standing on the side (babe c). Babe A lying on the mat will start with legs up. Babe B behind them will throw Babe A's legs toward the floor as they lower into a squat. When Babe A's legs hover over the floor, Babe C will jump over in a squat.Repeat for 10 reps then switch positions.

Plank Shoulder Taps

Start in a high plank. Lift your right hand and tap the shoulder to your left (it may be your shoulder if you're on the end) Then lift your left hand and tap the shoulder to your right. Repeat for 10 reaps on each side.

180 Squat Fives

Start facing together, hands in a high five. Explode up turning in a 180 and landing in a squat facing the opposite direction. Give that babe a high five and repeat. Repeat 10 reps.


Finish off the set with 3 minutes of sprints. Set up a start and finish line and get after it! Sprint as hard as you can then gently jog back and repeat until the 3 minutes is up.

Take some pics of you working out with your friends and tag us @lovesweatfitness & @teamlsf! And make sure you go get that post-workout protein on… LSF style. Fitness + best friends + summer = best day ever.

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