Spring Slim Down Challenge 2021

Spring Slim Down

Ready to get fit for summer!? For the next 6 weeks we are going to sweat it out, enjoy mega healthy (and mega delish) recipes and have serious support and accountability with Team LSF. Say hello to the summer bod of your dreams. It's time for our Spring Slim Down Challenge! We start March 29th!

Oh, did we mention, there's a chance to WIN $2,500 worth of prizes?! See the deets below.

Why you need to do this

Okay, real talk - I know we all want to feel bomb AF for bikini season...and like, for LIFE, and my Spring Slim Down Challenge is going to be exactly what you need to get REAL results In 6 weeks you can see the full body transformation you have been dreaming of, but wakey wakey because it's not a dream! You're going to feel amazing and confident: body and mind!

The best part? You can do it all completely FREE.

Here's what you get when you sign-up:

  • Free Sweat Starter Ebook
  • FREE 6 week fitness challenge
  • FREE 2 day detox nutrition plan
  • Weekly targeted workouts in LSF the App
  • A chance to WIN $2,500 worth of Spring essentials
  • Brand new, healthy Spring recipes
  • The ultimate support group/accountability partners: the LSF Community
  • And so much more!

Time to break it down.

The Workouts

Over the next 6 weeks we'll be focusing on specific muscle groups to tone up and slim down! These free workouts will all be in LSF the App, your new bestie, so make sure you download it! You're about to be inseparable. See your weekly schedule below:

Week 1: Toned Legs + Booty

Week 2: Tank Top Arms

Week 3: Bikini Abs

Week 4: Sexy Shoulders + Back

Week 5: Bye Bye Love Handles

Week 6: Hot Body HIIT

The Eats

We're working on our nutrition game - we all know abs are made in the kitchen! But let's be honest... who knows how to create their own meal plan?? Don't worry, we got you. We did the work for you and are making it SO easy with this nutrition schedule:

Week 1: 7 Day Slim Down

Weeks 2 - 5: Hot Body Meal Plan

Week 6: 7 Day Slim Down

We know… what are you going to do with all of your time since we took all the work out of it?! Just kick back and relax because you'll be amazed at how easy this is! These LSF nutrition plans are laid out step by step but are also totally customizable so you can make them your own. And the biggest thing we're told by the LSF Community? It's so. much. food. The recipes are so delish and totally guilt-free so you can feel satisfied with every meal and feel fab from the inside out.

Grab your Fit for Summer Bundle so you're prepped and ready to start nutrition with us on day 1!

You can't miss this

And if we still haven't convinced you…. I bet this will! Did someone say $2,500 worth of Spring essentials?!?!?

Your SSD Giveaway

  • $1,000 Grocery Store Gift Card
  • $1,000 in Activewear
  • A prize we can't reveal just yet…but it's AMAZING.
  • Private Zoom Workout & Chat with Katie
  • LSF workout gear

Check out all of the deets on the SSD GIVEAWAY here!

We can't wait to do this challenge with you. We start March 29th, join us now!

We start March 29th. Join us now!

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