Spring Slim Down Workout 2019

spring workout challenge spring workout challenge free workout challenge. The 2019 LSF Spring Slim Down Challenge is HERE!


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6 Week Fitness Challenge

ladies, hold onto your booty bands 'cause we're going even BIGGER than last year – 6 whole weeks of workouts that will kick that booty into high gear (oh, & amazing shape ? in time for summer), connect you with thousands of amazing new besties, and give you more motivation & confidence than eva' before. We saw what you could do in 5 weeks, so we've decided to challenge you to 6. ? Think you can handle it?

So what's ahead for Spring Slim Down 2019?

6Week Fitness & Lifestyle Challenge

3 Day Slim Down Meal Plan

♥ Brand New Video Series

Daily Workouts in The LSF App

Exclusive Delicious Healthy Recipes

Daily Motivation, Tips & Advice to Have Your Best Spring Ever!

Mini Lifestyle & Motivation Challenges

TONS of Prizes

Grand Prize Spring Break Package(valued over $1000!)

Don't miss this one! Sign up right here, right now to get your exclusive Spring Slim Down Sweat Starter Kit!

6 Week Fitness Challenge
  • Everything you need to know to slay the challenge and get the results you want
  • 3-Day Slim Down Plan that includes tons of healthy recipes to help you meal prep, de-bloat, cure cravings, and slim down.
  • Motivational printout to keep you going all 6 weeks long
  • Katie's best tips for getting a body youLOVE

What are you waiting for?! It's your time to shine. Sign-up and get ready to slim down with all your #TeamLSF girls! This spring free workout challenge is going to be a perfect start before Summer!

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