Sleigh The Holiday Challenge 2020

Free womens fitness challenge

It's the most wonderful time of the year! Over the next 4 weeks we're going to support each other and stay on track with our goals while still totally enjoying all the holidays have in store. Eat the cookies, drink the cocktails and get ready to Sleigh ALL DAY with our 4 week Sleigh the Holiday free womens fitness challenge!

This challenge is all about targeting specific muscle groups each week so you can enjoy the holidays and keep your workouts on point! Get free daily workouts in the LSF App, healthy holiday recipes, seasonal tips and tricks and so much more! We know how easy it can be to let all of your hard work fall off during this time of year. But, during the 4 week Sleigh the Holiday free womens fitness challenge, you can have your cookies and eat them too (get it, we swapped cake for cookies...)

And of course, we didn't forget about nutrition!

During this challenge, we're switching things up. No meal plan to follow this time, because we want you to enjoy the holiday goodies and not be so restricted to a daily plan. BUT that doesn't mean it's time to binge on eggnog and peppermint brownies. We got you covered with the Holiday Survival Guide and Recipe Book! This guide has over 20 holiday recipes that will totally satisfy your craving for those seasonal yummies. And, the best part, will leave you feeling totally guilt-free. It's a win win. Plus there are a TON of resources to help you survive the holidays, like extra workouts on the go, tips and tricks, holiday DIY, budget tracking, and so much more! Download it now and let's enjoy these recipes together!

We're counting down until the challenge - we can not wait for the next four weeks! In the meantime, we're cozy-ing up with a creamy peppermint mocha and a few healthy sugar cookie truffles. So. Good. Want the recipe? Sign up for the challenge and get it free in your Sleigh sweat starter!

Get ready to Sleigh!

❄️ Free 4 week targeted fitness challenge

☃️ Healthy holiday meals and sweets recipes

❄️ Motivation and support from the LSF Community

☃️ Holiday budget tracking and tips

❄️ Quizzes and printables to get you in the holiday spirit

☃️ And so much more!

Free womens fitness challenge

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