Simple Swaps To Make Any Dinner Healthy

Like, how do I enjoy a night out with my girls without derailing all my progress getting fit?

Don’t sweat it, girl. With some simple, smart swaps, you can have your cake (read: cocktails) and eat it too (read: eat dessert).

Here are six simple swaps, LSF approved, to keep your goals on point and enjoy your GNO! #LiveGuiltless

Grilled > Fried.

Substitute grilled chicken for the fried that’s on the menu. It’ll save you over 100 calories. Plus, no one needs the insane cholesterol that are in fried chicken…like if there’s one thing to watch out for as you try to hit your goals, it’s fried food.

Iceberg lettuce is a waste of time

Instead, ask for some dark, leafy greens (think: spinach, kale). Iceberg is literally a waste of energy — there’s nothing to it. It’s just crunch with no taste and does nothing except serve as a vehicle for wayyyyy too much ranch dressing. Like how sad would it be to opt for the healthy salad option and basically just eat paper with salad dressing on it? Very. And that’s basically what you’re doing with iceberg lettuce…it’s about as nutritious as paper.

All about that avo.

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Sub avocado for the mayo. It’s creamy, delicious, and LSF approved. It saves about 50 calories and a serving of mayo represents 50% of your daily sodium intake. Woof. And, as always, the amount on your burger/sammy is probably more than a true serving. Avoid the complications and pick the most delicious, healthy fat! Avocado!

Pointers for pizza

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If anyone tells you you can’t have pizza, cut them out. You don’t need that kind of negativity in your life! But for reals. Order up some pizza pie… add in extra veggies, grilled chicken, and you may end up with a pretty healthy dinner! The trouble is in the crust. There’s sooo many carbs in the crust from basic bleached flour. Mmm, let’s not. Ask for thin crust to save calories & carbs. Bonus points: go for whole grain crust if it’s an option!

Rice game on point

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Always opt for brown rice… or no rice! Sushi is a fave at LSF HQ — and probably for your own GNO — so ask the chef if they can sub brown rice for the normal white. In fact, lots of places will make rolls without rice, too. It’ll give you a lil extra fiber boost. Sashimi is another solid option — same delish sushi, less rice to weigh ya down.

Pesto is the besto


…or at least better than alfredo. Sure, we all love that cheesy, creamy sauce. But giiiiirl… it’s gon’ make you feel like you got hit by a TRUCK! Coma city. Pasta baby. You know the drill. So sub in pesto on your pasta. It’s full of healthy fats, plus it’s delish. Sure, it’s not low cal, but it has tons of benefits. Garlic, olive oil, garlic, parm, pine nuts… uh yes I am down. Marinara sauce is a pretty safe option too, if you’re in a pinch. Basically I’m just trying to save you from the miserable aftermath of eating a pasta dish made with 2 full sticks of butter ?

See! Simple swaps.

I just want to say one thing about all this, because I remember being really self-conscious and high-maintenance asking for swaps at restaurants: Do not be afraid of asking for what you want. In a restaurant or life in general. Sometimes, especially as women, we are so afraid of inconveniencing other people that we don’t ask for what we really need. And sure, a lot of times we can just go with the flow, but at a restaurant, you’re literally paying for the food, so it’s their job to make what you want. And it’s your job to take ownership of your health! So srsly, never feel bad asking for a substitute.

When you hit up your next GNO and make your LSF swaps… be sure to show us. You know we love when you share your #LiveGuiltless lifestyle on Instagram. Squad goals and health goals?! Uh, yes plz!

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And hey, if you’re not a feeling a night out (or just can’t afford yet another dinner…they’re $$$$!), we *highly* suggest a girls night at home cooking together. It’s a super fun way to get your girls on board with your new healthy lifestyle: sometimes you just gotta show people that they don’t have to shut down their whole lives to get healthy! The Guiltless Nutrition Guide is an essential for cooking delicious, healthy meals that make you feel (and look) amazing.

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