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Podcast. Driving to LA every week means I've had a whole lot of time to myself.

Depending on the day/time, it can take as little as like an hour to as long as three! Ya…

I'm pretty sure I can now sing every lyric to every single top 40 and, while my voice isn't terrible, I'm getting sick of hearing it belting non stop.

I don't know why it took me so long to hop on the Podcast train, but I'm so glad I finally did! There's some good stuff out there! It's way more entertaining than the books on tape I used to rock when I commuted to San Diego every day.

I had asked you guys for some reqs on SnapChat {LoveSweatAndFit} a while back and got some goodies. Pretty sure Ryan's getting tired of me attempting to retell everything I heard when I get home, but I get so pumped!

There are a few I've been intothat you guys should check out, but I'm still a newbie, so if you have ones you LOVE, tell me! Definitely want to keep it fresh!

podcast podcasts, itune, steal the show, the school of greatness

What they're all about…

Lewis Howes School of GreatnessLewis is a former pro athletic who shares amazingly inspiring stories from some of the world's best business minds, world class athletes and celebrities.

Radio LabIf you're into real life mysteries you've got to listen to this one! It shares investigations through sound and stories and makes it SUPER interesting to listen!

Steal the ShowThe host Michael Portis a professional speaker and gives amazing tips to help you conquer some of our most uncomfortable situations like job interviews and presentations, but it's really applicable in all areas of life. Love it!

Anna Faris is UnqualifiedObviously HILARIOUS! Anna gives your best comical relationship advice. Um… she's married to Chris Pratt so she's doing something right!hah

99% Invisible Is focused on exploring the process and power of design and architecture helping of see the design that lives everywhere in our lives. Really helps re-open your eyes to everything around you.

TED Radio HourIf you're a fan ofTED Talks you'll love this! All of the podcasts are based off talks from the TED stage and I always walk away with new ideas and feeling about 10x smarter

Fat MascaraThis one covers all things beauty. Two beauty editors host the show and share inside info about the industry. They bring in celebrities, beauty pros, plastic surgeons and anyone else who has something to say about beauty.

The #AskGaryVee PodcastAll things marketing, social media and entrepreneurship. If your business lives online he has some great tips to help you make the most of it.

Spilled MilkThis one is for the funny foodies. It's two writers and comedians who start off with a food topic and kinda just run with it. Good for a laugh


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