November Calendar

November, girl! What the heck. We made it to the second to last month of 2018. Unbelievable. Already another calendar to fill out and visualize your goals!

Just like YOU! Think about where you were when this year began and all the incredible things you have achieved in the last 10 months of your life.

Now imagine yourself in two months. 8 weeks from now. Newsflash…that will be New Year's 2018. And while this might give you a panic attack for a hot second, you still have SO much time to achieve your goals and feel amazing. Anyone out there decide they were going to get their dream body this year? Anyone out there feel like they still weren't able to find a fitness routine that worked?

How to Crush 2018

For the next 8 weeks, here's your game plan: the Hot Body Sweat Guide, and it will get you where you want to go. Both versions take exactly 8 weeks to complete. If you're new to the game, start with the HBSG 1.0— you'll build a workout habit and learn the basics, plus see INSANE changes to that beautiful bod.

If you've been working out for a while and you feel like you've plateaued…the Hot Body Sweat Guide 2.0JUST LAUNCHED and so far your fellow LSF babes are loving it. The workouts are up-leveled, the fat burn is elevated, and the muscle tone you'll get will blow your mind.

Just 8 weeks, girl!

So use this calendar and the next 8 weeks (only 8!! You can do anything for 8 weeks) to lock in to your goal for the year. It's not too late to be your very best youthis year; aka…ready for even bigger and better goals in 2019.

Download + print + plan + share. And get the Hot Body Sweat Guide HERE!

Download this free blank calendar for November 2019 and plan to achieve your 2018 goals with just a few weeks left!

Love you, babe!!

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