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Track your workouts. Track your workouts to push you to dominate your New Years resolutions!

I'm starting my new years "resolutions" early this year.I don't like calling them resolutions. A resolution seems like you can just flip a switch to change. Yes you can make the decision to do it like that, but it takes time to create change.To me, resolutions are reallygoals I can set a clear path toward.

I've never been one to create vision boards and lofty lists for the New Year, but this year is different.

2017 is the year of fresh starts. I'm revamping LSF, launching my Hot Body Sweat Guide & Meal Plans and celebrating my big 3-0.Don't worry, no birthday meltdowns happening here. I've actually never been more excited!


Sometimes you need a little push. Someone or something to give you a kick in the pants so you can go out there and make things happen!

Last year, I challenged myself to train to be able to do 10 dead-weight pull-ups.I can do 5. But that is 5 more than I could do last year so I'll take it!

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Over the years I've played with different workout routines. The routine I'll be sharing in my Sweat Guideis what I live by. It has completely changed my approach to fitness and my body.

Physical change comes from a mix of cardio, strength, circuit training, yoga/stretching.We need it all!It's a balance of many things that allows our bodies to function at their highest capabilities.

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I'm not all about numbers. I rarely weigh myself and I don't consistently track my workouts (miles, calories burned etc.) That said, both can be great tools in helping you understand how your diet and exercise are impacting your body.

When Idotrack my workouts, something changes in me. I'm not normally a competitive person, but seeing those numbers gives me an extra push. I start some serious self-talk and turn my workout into a competition. Convincing myself to go one more mile or burn 100 more calories. Pretty rad.

TomTom Cardio Spark 3 + Music Watch

I recently got a hold of the TomTom® Spark 3 Cardio + Music Watchto try out and it's awesome. I've been using it the last few weeks and am totally into it.

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Fav Features

  • 5 different heart rate training zones. I talk a lot about these in my guide! Depending on the percentage you are using of your personal max hear rate, you can figure out if you are burning fat, working on endurance, etc.
  • Settings for all types of workouts! It tracks treadmill, outdoor runs, cycling, swimming and freestyle workouts. The "freestyle" mode is great for my YouTube workouts and even just running errands. I've been using it during my Barre Bootcamp and I love being able to tell the ladies how much they burned after class!
  • Stores music & connects to wireless speakers! I talk about it all the time, but music MAKES my workouts! When I forget my music at the gym, I literally leave to workout at home instead. It's my #1 inspo. The TomTom¬Æ Spark 3holds up to 500 songs so you can pump the jams and get your sweat on. One device (instead of the 3 I normally have!)
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Last week alone I burned around2900 calories. On average you burn about 10 calories per minute so depending on the activity and heart rate zone you can burn around 600 calories in an hour. That's only one intense workout away from burning a whole pound of fat! (3500 calories equals one pound of fat.)

For me working out is more than just burning calories. It's about challenging your body and mind. It's about feeling good. That said, getting these stats definitely makes me want to push harder, go longer and get stronger every day!

Checkout TomTom®:

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