My Hangover Cures


Hangover cures. This time of year means extra sparkle, more joy, and…more champagne. Which…YAY.

Green juice now, champagne later ya know? I love it. That's why I made this tank top. It's a great Christmas present (Hint, hint).

But sometimes, during the holidays, the champagne wins the day. And I take the L in a big way. By this I mean pounding headaches, major bloating, exhaustion, nausea, etc. etc. I cannot deal with hangovers. Especially because I have fitness goals I am trying to reach! I don't have time to take an entire day off just because I am feeling gross. Here are my top tips for getting through a hangover and getting back to my life. It's green juice now, champagne later in the REALEST of ways.

The real deal with Hangovers

When one drink turns into "I'm not sure how many", the morning after can only mean one thing –hangover. That nasty "H" word that makes you want to put back on your eye mask and ear plugs and crawl under your covers until you feel like a living human being again. You might feel nausea laced with remorse, or you might feel like someone put 10 pounds of lead in your head while you slept. No matter what your typical hangover symptoms are, it'sstraight up miserable.

And to make it worse, there's a different remedy for every kind of drink out there. Figuring out which ones will actually help your hangover, and more,which are actually good for youis a process. And let's be honest, conducting a trial and error experiment is the last thing you want to do when you feel like you've been hit in the head by last night's bottle of tequila.

So, in true girlfriend fashion, we've compiled a list of natural hangover remedies and preventions for you that will make five drinks feel like the one you meant to have.


Sounds painful, but it doesn't have to be. Take it easy and just get your body moving and your heart rate up. It helps you sweat out some toxins, gets blood flowing (super important for recovering!), and I swear, it will shorten your hangover.

Hangover Workout! 


Stay Hydrated.

If you know me, you know I'm obsessed with drinking water, because it's good for literally everything! Make sure that you have a big glass of water before you walk out the door to meet up with your gal pals, and try and drink a glass of water in between every drink that you have. Continuing to stay hydrated the morning after will also help your body flush out the toxins from your fun last night.

Don't Forget To Eat.

If you start throwing back those margs without a meal first, the alcohol will be absorbed into your blood stream much more quickly because there's nothing in your stomach to help absorb it. Try having some brown rice and chicken before you go, or find a yummy pre-game meal in our Guiltless Nutrition Guide! It's also important to have a healthy and substantial meal the next morning. (Pssst!! The Guiltless Nutrition Guide is also a great place to find some drink recipes that might keep your hangover symptoms to a minimum).

Short on Time? Oil Up.

If your drinking-spree is spontaneous and you don't have time to cook a meal before running out the door to meet your friend, swallow a spoonful of a healthy oil like extra virgin olive oil or coconut oil. It will line your tracts and keep the alcohol from being absorbed into your blood stream quite as quickly.

Load Up On Vitamin B.

While you were pounding that Captain n' Coke (emphasis on the Captain), your body was losing a lot of its vitamins, such as Vitamin B, which plays a vital role in your metabolic processes. It also effects your liver's ability to detox your body properly, adding to your morning-after-misery. By taking some Vitamin B asap after the damage has been done, you're giving your liver the boost it needs to start detoxifying and flushing out your body. You can take it in capsule form with a glass of water the morning after your night out (and before you walk out the door the night before, if you're planning ahead!) or you can load up on some foods that are rich in Vitamin B. Some of these include avocados, wholegrain bread, eggs, and fruit.

I add this one into my normal rotation, which I wrote about here!

Nibble On Some Ginger.

People have been using ginger to soothe nausea for centuries, so try picking up some crystalized ginger from the grocery store and nibbling on it all morning. The National Institutes of Health also did some research on a yummy little tonicthat will reduce nausea so that you don't have to make sure you're near a toilet or trash can all day!

Go Back To Bed!

Girl, if it's a weekend morning and you have the freedom of getting an extra couple of hours of sleep,do it! Don't allow yourself to lay there all day, but it's v likely that part of the reason you feel so gross is because you haven't gotten enough sleep. Give your body time to recharge, and then replenish it!

Once you can stand on your own two feet again, get your body back into the groove of things with this fabulous workout designedjustfor the morning after a heavy night of drinking. Even if you have to crawl to your mat, your body will thank you!

Good luck getting through those holiday hangovers, babe! Tag me in YOUR favorite tips on Instagram @lovesweatfitness and @TeamLSF

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