My 10-Step Sunless Tanning Routine


tanning routine.Ok bare with me…. yes it's 10 steps, but I'm getting REAL detailed with my sunless tanning routine to make sure to give your girls everything I know! I've been tanning myself for the last 3 years or so – like literally no spray tans, tanning beds, and barely any real sun.

TBH I love the sun, but the sun doesn't love my skin so self tanner is my bff. I've really gotten it down to a science and am sharing my entire tanning routine with you!

I swear a good tan can make you instantly feel more toned and way more confident. It's no Hot Body Sweat Guide, but it's a quick fix to help keep you motivated along the way!

Step 1: Plan Ahead

I like to make my self-tanning day the same as my self care day. Hair get's washed, I soak in the tub for my muscles, and put on a good face mask. Multi-tasking is key!

Step 2: Exfoliate

Grab an exfoliating glove/loofa and get scrubbing! If you don't, the self-tan product will basically just accumulate on the areas with the most skin cells, meaning some areas will be darker than others. No TY. Focus on knees, ankles, hands, wrists, but also make sure you have a super even surface on your arms and legs. Also bikini area because it looks really weird if you don't exfoliate.

Step 3: Shave!

Otherwise the tanner will die the hair and you will just look really hairy haha

Step 4: Dry Off

Sometimes I literally use a blowdryer to make sure I get rid of all moisture from the skin.

Step 5: Lotion the Tough Spots

Apply lotion to rougher areas of skin like the knees, elbows, wrists, and ankles. Just a little and make sure not to apply it anywhere you really want to tan.

Step 6: Get the Good Stuff

No one wants to look like an Oompa Loompa. Loving Tanhas been my fave for years. It's incredible. I always get the application mit too – trust me, you will try to do it without and everyone you know will say "omg what happened to your hands" and it's just really annoying so just get the mit haha. What's nice is that it doesn't have orange/red tones — it's a cooler, more olive look — so it's not the kind of tan you can spot from a mile away like some. You can get it here

Step 7: Apply It

I like to go in longer sweeping motions along my arms and legs and more of a circle on my stomach and booty. They key is getting someone (shoutout to Ryan!) to help with your back.

Step 8: Dry off

Whip out the blow dryer girl! I usually give it like 5-10 min before even trying to put on any clothes. At which point I wear a super loose romper for a few hours while it sets.

Step 10:Wait 2 hours & then rinse.

Congratulations…. You are a tan goddess!

My Self Tan Routine Youtube Video! 


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