Your Mother's Day Gift Guide

mother's day gifts

Look at you! Mother's Day is still more than a couple of weeks away and you're already jumping on finding the perfect gift for mom. Three cheers for a great daughter!

Even with the headstart, shopping for mom can be tricky. After all, she gave you the gift of life itself, so how are you supposed to come close to that?? I mean, you can't (obvi) — but you can put together a super-thoughtful Mother's Day present to show her how much she means to you.

We're here to help! From April 23rd to 27th, we're going to be running our "Got It From Your Mama" promo, which means we're taking a whole 20% off our Mother's Day Collection. If you're looking for Mother's Day gifts, this is an awesome place to start.

We've got a whole bunch of discounted Mother's Day gifts, but why stop there? So you can really treat your mama this year, we rounded up some extra gift ideas, too. Check them out!


Whether your mom is your fitness inspo or you know she's working on her physical wellness this year, you can get her a little something to support her on the way to her #goals. We're thinking:

  • A cute pedometer, $25. Look, an Apple Watch or Fitbit is gonna cost you a pretty penny. But this pedometer gives her the same step-tracking ability — plus a watch — with a super-sleek aesthetic. It comes in a bunch of colors, only needs a charge once a week, and has a multi-sport mode so she can track her favorite activities. Plus, it will even let her see calls and messages!
  • Resistance booty bands, $12. Setting mom up with a home gym doesn't have to cost a ton of money or take up a huge amount of space. With our booty bands, she can kick her home workouts to the next level while still packing away her equipment in a super-tiny space.
  • Gym kit, $24. Since we're all a little out of practice with actually going to the gym, it's easy to forget the necessities. That's where this cute and convenient kit comes in. With all the things you might need — from an extra pair of socks and blister balm to deodorant towelettes and electrolyte tablets — you can prep mom for a killer workout.

Pssttt.... another amazing gift idea?? Get mom a subscription to LSF the App! Daily workouts, goal tracking, a huge video library, earn trophies and so much more... it's pretty much the best fitness app for women ever. Help mom jumpstart (or continue) her healthy lifestyle with the app!

Self-care and wellness

Your mom might be the person you turn to when things get tough. But who takes care of her?? To help her get the rest and relaxation she needs, you can set her up with a little self-care moment courtesy of your Mother's Day gifts. Here are just a few ideas:

  • Dreamy water bottle, $22: Drinking enough water throughout the day is such an easy but game-changing way to take care of yourself. Give mom our pretty 32-ounce bottle and she'll have all the water she needs in a container cute enough to complement her outfit.
  • Weighted blanket, $37. Sometimes you just need to curl up on the couch and relax. With this weighted blanket, sinking in and chilling out gets a whole lot easier. It's velvety on one side and sherpa-soft on the other to give it a luxurious feel, plus it comes in a bunch of colors mom will love.
  • Shower steamers, $28. Who says a bath is the only way to unwind? Whether your mom doesn't have a tub at home or just isn't a bath person, you can give her a way to get all that self-care goodness in the shower. All she needs to do is drop one of these aromatherapy steamers in the bottom of the shower and enjoy.

Food and nutrition

Is mom a foodie or a health nut? These Mother's Day gifts are for her!

  • Guiltless Nutrition guide, $50. Set mom up for a delicious and healthy summer with our guide, which includes more than 130 clean, tasty recipes, plus a ton of tips for transforming her kitchen into a place where cooking is fun and nutritious! We've also got tips for eating out, snack ideas, and more. Really, it's a one-stop shop for the mom looking to eat and feel her best.
  • Cinnamon sampler, $20. Cinnamon is such a good way to add flavor and sweetness to foods and drinks without a whole bunch of sugar or junk you don't want! And with this fun and beautifully packaged cinnamon sampler, mom can find out what she likes best.
  • Garlic press, $13. This thing is a total game-changer! It's one of those simple Mother's Day gifts that has the potential to totally change mom's life because it makes prepping garlic so much faster —and so much less messy. Win-win, for sure.


We couldn't help ourselves. We had to include some other Mother's Day gifts just for fun! Here are a few extra ideas to spoil mom on May 9th.

  • Flower delivery, $50. I mean, who doesn't love fresh flowers? It's a classic gift for mom that's sure to put a smile on her face.
  • Garden seeds, $19. If mom has been looking to use her green thumb (or maybe to turn her black thumb green), this is a great place to start. This little kit includes soil starters, cute little stakes for each herb, plus seeds for basil, oregano, parsley, and more. Basically, mom won't need to buy herbs at the grocery store anymore!
  • Candle, $34. With "Thank You, Mom" emblazoned across the front, this candle is a great way to show mom your gratitude. Plus, it smells amazing!

We hope these Mother's Day gifts help you wow your mom this May. You got it from your mama — now it's time to give back!

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