The Lots Of Love Sugar Detox Challenge!


sugar detoxing sugar detoxing. I am SO thrilled to announce that we are kicking off our February challenge in just a few days!

Now introducing the…

We did the Lots of Love Challenge last year, and it was one of your faves. Two weeks is just enough time to make some change and have the time of your life! But this year? We are up-leveling. Gotta practice what I preach right???

The self-love, sugar-free fun starts Monday February 11

And this year, the Lots of Love Challenge (affectionately known as the LOL challenge) is going to be all about self-love and sugar detoxing. Because you're already WAY sweet enough!

You don't need desserts, candy, and packaged junk to feel good. You just need to know how amazing and LOVED you already are!

Personally, kicking sugar was one of the first choices I remember in my health journey. Basically, it was that moment when I decided to take control and stop being a bystander in my own life. It's just TWO WEEKS of no added sugar and guess what! You CAN do it. Because it's going to make you feel your absolute best.

So what's ahead for our Lot of Love Sugar Detox Challenge?

A free Sugar Detox Jumpstart to get you moving in the right direction. It's the next step to the best you! Including…

3 of my favorite *super* clean and extra delicious healthy dessert recipes

♦ 2 weeks of free daily workouts emailed right to YOU!

All new healthy lifestyle videos to help you stay motivated

Daily Motivation & Advice to keep the self-love going strong

Mini Lifestyle & Motivation Challenges Each Week

♦ The best grand prize ever!!

♦ A 7-Day Sugar Detox Guideif you're serious about detoxing, ALL NEW in the LSF shop!?

The Grand Prize

Oh, you want to know what the Grand Prize is??? Well, for the first time ever, we're picking 5 (yes, 5!) Grand Prize winners. These sweet babes are getting…

A customized tanning kit from my all-time fave Loving Tan (valued at $250!)

2 Deluxe Applicator Mitts

2 Tan Removing and Skin Polishing Gloves

2 Deluxe Bronzing Mousses

Bronzing Shimmer

2 Hour Express Bronzing Mousse

So on February 11, we're doing it! No processed sugar for 14 days, and daily workoutstogether. If it sounds scary, that means you're probably addicted to sugar and need the detox more than ever! And if it sounds like NBD? Well then, nothing is stopping you from signing up?

Sign upnow and get your Sugar Detox Jumpstart! Once you download it, take the quiz to see how addicted to sugar you are, then get started planning your Self-Love transformation.

Don't miss this one! Sign up right here, right nowto get your exclusive Sugar Detox Jumpstart!

Everything you need to know to crush the LOL challenge & see the body transformation you're looking for.

My 3 FAVORITE healthy dessert recipes

My best tips for staying motivated and mastering your habits

What are you waiting for?! You deserve all the love in the world, and it starts with YOU!Sign-up and get ready to kill it in 2019 with all your #TeamLSF babes!


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