How To Take A Self Breast Exam And Save Some Boobs



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We hope you'll join us because we're so proud of this community and we know that #LSFcares.

I'm really excited about Pinktober. And I hope you are, too! This month is so important. And as part of it, I want to highlight some breast cancer stats that I thought were pretty eye-opening:

Clearly, breast cancer is something we all need to take seriously. And that's why I love Pinktober and am so excited to do #LSFPinktober with you all. It's an awesome reminder to see your doctor regularly for breast cancer screening.

But you don't have to wait until your next appointment to make sure you don't have anything concerning growing in your breasts. Babe, it's time to get on a schedule with self-screening.

How and when to self-screen for breast cancer

You should be giving yourself a self-exam once a month. Put it in your calendar — or in your LSF Planner — as a recurring event. Or do it on a date that you'll remember, like the first of every month.

Ready to do your own exam at home? We've got this great printable to help!

Looking for more details? Here you go:

You can do your self-exam wherever you want. Really, the whole goal is to get to know the feel of your breasts so you can be alerted if anything changes. Lots of people do it in the shower, but it can also help to check your breasts when you're lying flat. That way, your breast tissue distributes more evenly across your chest so it's easier to feel around.

Using the pads of your fingers, press all around your breast and toward your armpit with varying pressure. You're looking to feel anything odd, like:

  • A lump
  • A knot
  • An area of thickened tissue

It can also help to check your breasts in front of a mirror. Look at them with your arms at your side and raised over your head to look for any swelling or dimpling you haven't seen before.

Basically, if you feel anything unusual in your breast, it's worth talking to your doctor.

If you're not in the habit of doing self-exams at home, Pinktober is the perfect time to start! It's #LSFPinktober, babes, so check your breasts right now and keep doing it every month.

We can all help with breast cancer awareness during Pinktober — and beyond

I'm always so proud to #RepLSF, but this month feels extra special. I really want us all to use this opportunity to make sure we're not just checking our own breasts, but also talking to the other women in our lives about it. For real, self-exams can save lives!

We're all about bringing awareness to preventing breast cancer and urging you to check yourself because #LSFcares. Like, so much. It's so cool to join with you all and help to make a difference during Pinktober and beyond!

So how will you celebrate #LSFPinktober and show #LSFCares? Will you add self-exams to your planner? Will you buy the Boobie Tee so we can give half to Bright Pink? Will you talk to your mom and friends about their own self-exam schedules? Let's chat on Insta and keep this thing rolling!

And if you only do one thing this Pinktober, make sure it's performing your own self-exam. Seriously, girl, I can't stress this enough. It's so important to know how your breasts feel. I know it might sound weird, but that's the only way to know when something changes. And that can quite literally save your life.

Your boobies are great! Get to know them so you can protect them. We're going to be doing it right along with you because #LSFCares.

Happy #LSFPinktober, babes! I'm so proud to be a part of this community where we can spread breast cancer awareness to protect ourselves and the women in our lives!

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