Workouts For Anxiety

workouts for anxiety. Anxiety is at an all-time high. Surprised? I'm not either.

Mental Benefits Of Working Out/How To Workout For Less Anxiety

Our fast-moving, hyper-connected lives have us all a little cray. And it's no shock that our bodies and minds react. Don't worry though, there is a super simple (+ free!) way to cope with alllll those anxious feels.

There is a clear link between emotional well-being and exercise. Getting that beautiful bod of yours moving will literally help your brain release the feel-good chemical (aka endorphins), and we all know "endorphins make you happy." So what are you waiting for?

Try it.

I mean, why not? Here's the thing. Exercise is free. Sure, you can get a high-end yoga membership, but you can also go for go for a run, do circuits in your dorm room, or join TeamLSFand do the amazing free daily workouts. Duh. It's a heck of a lot cheaper than therapy or prescription drugs. Plus, it's much more IG friendly.

These are a few types of exercise that are easy to start and can will help you get out of your head:


Hiking is literally just walking. Really. It's a great way to get into physical activity if you're not game to get seriously sweaty right out of the gate. And, as an added bonus, being in nature can help your anxiety, too.

Strength training

Studies have shown that resistance training helps you get better sleep. And we all know that better sleep can have a major impact on our stress and anxiety. The 8 week Hot Body Sweat Guide can literally be done anywhere and gives you a killer strength training workout in under 30 minutes!


When you think of a stereotypical yogi, you think of someone zen. So why not hop on a mat and give it a try? Before you start stressing about being compared to the hyper-flexible yogis of IG, take a breath and check out YouTube. You can find great yoga "classes" that you can practice in the privacy of your own living room.


Hear me out. Running might sound major, but a ten-minute jog at any pace that feels comfortable can make a huge difference in your brain. When you run, your brain releases serotonin and norepinephrine, which boosts all those happy feels. Even better, it keeps putting them out even after you stop running. You don't have to be a sprinter or marathoner. A little jog can be a powerful tool in coping with anxiety.

If you're working out to get your body to look a certain way then, sure, you're going to want to find a specific plan that works best for your #goals. But, if you're trying to move your bod to support your mental wellbeing, you can literally do anything! Play around. Find what works for you, what feels good for your body. If you can find something you actually enjoy, you're a whole lot more likely to stick with it.


It's intense…but nothing will get you back to feeling calm and amazing faster than a hardcore HIIT workout!

I have TONS of different YouTube workoutsthat can be done at home so you don't need to feel the pressure of comparing yourself or your workout. For example, THIS brand new video for Booty HIIT!!!

The key is to just get moving. Even if you don't feel your immediate feelings of anxiety vanish right away, you're still doing yourself a favor. Trust me. Exercise helps your body feel energized and stay focused.

Give yourself a challenge and commit to sweat for at least 10 minutes a day. Seriously, just 10 minutes! Every little bit counts and makes a difference. Plus, once you get going, you'll likely keep pushing it longer and you might just be amazed by the difference a little sweat session can have on your brain!

Get on board with the BOO-ty Challenge if you're not already for wayyyyy more amazing workouts like this one

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