Hot Body Sweat Guide 2.0 | Weeks 9-16


Workout Guide

It takes 8 weeks to hear it…

After losing 45 pounds, so much about me changed. I had created new healthy habits, I was working out regularly, and feeling amazing. But still, I struggled toreallysee the lean, toned body I was hoping for. I was thinner, but I wanted to be stronger. I wanted to see the woman I knew I was on the inside on the outside! Enter: the Hot Body Sweat Guide 1.0

I saw incredible changes, but a few months ago I realized I've been doing the HBSGfor almost 2 years now (OMG!) I added in weights, booty bands, extra rounds, and cardio bursts to my workoutsto keepchallenging myself, but I wanted more! I know some of you girls are right there with me, so I have something super excitingto share!! I wrote your next 8 weeks!Yes, Weeks 9-16 are here!I started working on this almost a year ago and am so excited and super proud to share it with you!

HBSG 2.0 | Weeks 9-16 Ebook.

If you've completed weeks 1-8 of the HBSG 1.0you know just how much you can change in a couple of months. By now you're feeling, seeing, and hearing how incredible your beautiful body is…and it's about to get even better.

What You Get

I developed the first 8 weeks to help burn fat, increase endurance, and build strength – and it worked. So now, it's time to take itNEXT LEVEL.You've got to stay challenged if you want to see change. Right now, you're stronger, more confident, and more determined than ever…and these next 8 weeks are going to take your workouts (and your body!) next level.

♥ 8 weeks of NEW Workouts (HBSG Weeks 9-16)

Elevated Exercisesw/ Bands + Free Weights

♥ Burn Fat + Tone Your Entire Body

♥ Target Problem Areas

♥ 30-45 minute Workouts

♥ 115 page Guide

♥ NEW Bonus Cardio & Ab Workouts!

♥ Burn More Calories w/ Higher Intensity Workouts

♥ See Results in Just One Week!

Weeks 9-16are going to take your workouts and goals next level. There are over50NEW workouts and exercises designed to burn maximum calories, build lean muscle, increase your endurance, and tone your entire body!

You've shown yourself just how committed you are to living your best life. Now grab your booty bands, pick up some weights and get ready to sweat!

Take a Peak…

Bundle, Save & Transform Your Body …

Bundle the Hot Body Sweat Guide 1.0 + 2.0 or the HBSG 2.0 + LSF Booty Bands to give your body and booty the best gift ever…at the same time. Your Workout Plan is designed to burn fat, increase metabolism and strengthen your entire body. Adding the booty bands will build lean muscle, transforming your body to the lean, toned, confident babe you are! This workout guide is everything you need and more!

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