How To Get A Flat Stomach Asap


How to get a Flat stomach. Sometimes you wake up feeling bloated AF and like 100 pounds heavier.

You look at your stomach and it's like "WHAT HAPPENED." We know…because you tell us! This workout is meant to help you feel more confident instantly, by helping you engage all those core-tightening muscles. You'll see instant results just by turning the muscles on. So while we don't want all your confidence coming from how you look on a given day, taking time to do this workout and remember that you have power to create change…HUGE A-HA MOMENT, GIRL! Here's how to get a flat stomach and gain confidence along the way!

The reason this workout is effective?

It trains you to pull your stomach in throughout the day — not just when you're thinking about it. If you get in this habit, you're basically doing an abs workout all day long. And what do you think the effect of pulling your abs in all day is? That's right: your stomach looks and feels flat!! Sometimes perception is huge, and sometimes small changes make the biggest impact.

Check out the workout! 

Let us know how you liked this workout in the comments section, babe. And make sure to avoid belly bloat and feeling "blah" by downloading your Hot Body Meal Plan today!!It will give you tons of variety and delicious food, and you'll be seeing results within a few weeks. Give it a try, girl! You deserve to feel amazing all day errr day.

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