Fitness & Music Festival In La


Fitness Festival. Hey guys! This summer I partnered with Propel Water to help share the amazing fitness Co:Labs hosted across the U.S.

It started in NYC this spring and all wrapped up this summer with an incredible fitness & music festival in LA.

Fitness & Music Festival in LA

Fact:I can't workout without great music. This entire weekend was dedicated to bringing banging live music and amazing workouts together so you can really "get ugly" while you sweat.

Fitness & Music Festival in LA

There were TONS of different styles of classes to chose from, but I always go for the most intense workouts possible. If you're gonna do it, why not challenge yourself right? Plus there was endless Propel waterto help replenish those electrolytes post sweat.

I started out the weekend in my friend Giddy's class ( @getfitwithgiddy). It was a HIIT style bootcamp and I LOVED it! The SUPER intense hour included exercises with battle ropes, balls, sprints and lots of plyometrics. I love watching my other fitness friends just kill it teaching tough classes like this.

Fitness & Music Festival in LA

We finished off the night with the most epic experience ever! You can't help but feel strong, gritty and a little badass boxing. I boxed for a while in college and forgot how much I freaking love it.

One of my favorite gyms in LA is Prevail Boxing and they hosted a massive class with Big Boi!! Ya like Outkast Big Boi! Uuuuuuh it was so good!!

In my head I was a total babe with my boxing gloves punching, ducking and weaving, but in reality I looked like this?Help!

Fitness & Music Festival in LA

Oh my gosh it was such a fun experience! Basically like a killer workout and a concert all rolled into one. It kinda reminded me of our song challenges on YouTube times a billion. Speaking of… any good song you're loving that we need to make into a video workout?

Fitness & Music Festival in LA

I'm sure Propel will be hosting the Co:Labs and this Fitness Festival next summer and you guys will have to come out to Cali to get your sweat on with me and TeamLSF next time!

xoxo katie

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