Ctct 2021 Winner - Highlight Sarah Maedel

CTCT 2021 Winner

I really love this community. Anytime I'm feeling like my motivation isn't where I want it to be, I check in with you guys. There's much encouragement among you all and such truly amazing results that it always gives me the nudge I need! That's especially true during and right after we do a challenge, because you guys do insanely hard work — and the results show!

For real, I am continually blown away by the results you guys get with our LSF challenges, meal plans, and workouts. I mean, I know they work for me, but it's SO COOL to see how much they do for you guys, too.

And lately, I've really loved how tapping into our LSF community has helped so many of you transform not just your bodies, but also your self-care routines and seriously your whole lives!

There's one LSF babe who is SUCH a good example of this. I want to introduce you to our Crop Top Crunch Time challenge winner: Sarah Maedel!

Just check out these transformation photos. She is definitely crop top-ready!

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