Crush Your 2022 Fitness Goals With LSF 30

2022 fitness goals

It's 2022 and we are about to jump into a brand new year full of new opportunities - you just have to say yes! And girl ,if 2022 fitness goals are on your mind, I've got you.

I designed the LSF 30 challenge to help you build healthy routines, reset, lose weight, learn to fuel your body and give you the tools you need to CHOOSE YOU in 2022!

Your LSF 30 Routine

I wanted to give you some really amazing resources to help you throughout the next 30 days.

Below you'll find a breakdown of how your app workouts work, the LIVE workout schedule, a Healthy Swaps Guide and a simple routine builder so you can jot down the healthy habits you want to add in daily!

Stop doing the same old sh*t. If you want things to change YOU need to change. Change the way you think, your habits, how you spend your time and your ideas of who you were last year. It's a new day and change means we're growing.

Spend time today thinking about what you want your life to look like at the end of these 30 days. What will you feel and look like?

Now write that down in your 2022 GOALS Planner & break down your micro goals (the little things you're going to do daily to get there) into your weekly schedule.

When you write it down your 43% more likely to accomplish it + when you share it with your community that goes up to the 70% range!

I'll be doing a private #GOALS Workshop for all of you girls who have the Goals Planner. So, if you want to join in make sure you order yours today so it arrives in time!

Your App Workouts

I've designed your workouts to be FAST, EFFECTIVE, EASY TO FOLLOW and so that you literally can do them ANYWHERE.

You'll find these in the challenge section of LSF the App. Don't forget if you're new, I'm giving you 30 Days FREE + EVERYONE can get another 30 Days FREE for completing the challenge to help you keep up with your routine in February. Start your FREE 30 Days here.

Your goal is that you complete all three each day, log your workout (you'll need a full calendar to get the bonus 30 days free) and share your sweaty selfies!


Each week I will be doing a LIVE WORKOUT on Instagram.

Save the schedule below and add them to your calendar so you don't miss out!

This is a great way to kick off the week, get some serious motivation and have a chance to win some fun giveaways too!


If you did the Holiday Survival Challenge with me you've seen this sheet. It was a game-changer for so many of you girls so I wanted to bring it back for LSF 30.

Use this to jot down any little healthy habits you want to add to your daily routine throughout the day. Your 2022 Goals Planner is a great place to really break down your goals.

Healthy Swaps

You're starting the 2 Day Detox today and then jumping into the Hot Body Meal Plan. It can feel like a big shift especially after the holidays, but know this is about fueling your body and feeling GOOD!

This is an easy resource if you're every feeling hungry or want help understanding how to make swaps for foods you love. Download it here.

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