Busy Girl Fitness Hacks

Fitness hacks. Life is busy. No matter where you're at in your own life.

Whether that's in college, working in an office, juggling motherhood and a career, or staying home keeping babies alive and happy…or any other number of scenarios… it's busy! And you know how important fitness is, but sometimes the biggest challenge is fitting in the fitness.

Girl, I hear ya. And as women, we're so quick to put everyone and everything else first. That includes skipping a workout (or 50). But that stops today!! If you follow these easy tips, you'll squeeze that workout in with ease and never have to sacrifice your fitness or health for any reason!

Break it up

There are days, maybe even 7 of them each week , that you don't have time for a full 30-40 minutes to dedicate to a workout. No worries. Split it up. 10 minutes here and there. Seriously, just do one round in the morning. One round midmorning, one mid afternoon, and one before bed. Boom! You got it in! Doesn't matter that it was broken up.

Hacks for when you want to be fit but you're super busy

Just don't forget to stretch… and what a lovely way to end the day! A stretch before bed.

Break it down

Make a commitment to something bite-sized every day. Think: bikini ab ladder each night before hopping into bed, or start the day with a yoga flow. No need to get sweaty, but you get in a quick burn. Trust me, it'll make a difference. In your bod and in your mood.

Tips for fitness when you're super busy

Step up

Simple. Take the stairs wherever and whenever you can. Park a little farther away from the store. Walk to class instead of taking the bus. Get in those steps one way or another.


Use your workout as your study break. Read a chapter, do 5 minutes of booty work. Chapter, booty. Repeat, repeat! I shared a v effective and quick desk ab workout this week, too. You won't even look weird doing it at the office, promise!


Kitch Sitch

You've heard it more times than you can count, "Abs are made in the kitchen"… so let's not forget about keeping our nutrition game tight, even when we have coworkers' birthday cakes or dorm food hanging around to tempt us.

Pack a snack

Even if you just ate, grab a healthy snack and throw it in your purse. Bring it with you… just in case. Something healthy like almonds (raw, unsalted) so you will be prepared no matter what. Healthy, filling, tasty snack to keep you fueled up and avoiding bad food choices on the go!

Pack it in

Shakes and smoothies are a super quick, easy way — and delish! — to get all of your macros and lots of micronutrtients in. They take, what, 5 minutes from start to finish? No excuses! And remember — protein is a girl's best friend.

Time saving fitness tips for the busy girl

Bag it up

Pack your lunch. It's healthier, it's cheaper, and it'll keep you from sabotaging your goals during a busy lunch… or skipping lunch altogether! Our fave tips hereto make it easy on ya.

Little Changes = Big Changes

Sounds like a bad motivational poster, but it's the truth. Little changes add up! That's the only way you get to big changes in your fitness, health, or really anything in life! Baby steps. Before you know it, these will be a part of your every day and your bod and mind will be so much healthier and happier.

What are your best tips for fitting in your fitness and keeping your goals on point during a busy season? Would love to hear from you girls!

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