Booty Challenge 2021 Winners


Booty Challenge 2021 Winners

Guys, how fun was this year's Booty Challenge? I felt so inspired by seeing all of your progress pics, and I know I've been loving my results every time I put on a pair of leggings.

I also really loved targeting different muscles in the glutes. It's cool to watch your body change when you really focus on a specific area. I feel like I know more about my booty now than ever before!

Basically, if you did all 31 days of the Booty Challenge, girl, you rock! It was a super concentrated challenge and I'm so proud of all of us who powered through it!

Our entire LSF community really rose to this challenge, but I do want to call out a few people who went above and beyond. I mean, these before-and-after pics speak for themselves! Let's take some time to get to know our 2021 Booty Challenge winners!

Grand Prize: Kayla!

Kayla's a 20-year-old who's been a part of Team LSF for a few years, but she really stepped it up with this challenge. She said she got a lot out of the extra accountability to work out every day even though she's currently working full time. Plus, she totally transformed her eating habits. "I felt absolutely AMAZING after the challenge," she said.

Now that the challenge is over, Kayla says she's def going to stick with her LSF protein powder alongside the Guiltless Nutrition and Hot Body Meal Plans. She plans to use her LSF planner ( new 2022 one has dropped, btw!) and app because she says they both work really well in helping her plan her day and her workouts.

"My favorite part of LSF is the wonderful community of women and how we always cheer each other on," Kayla said — and I couldn't agree more! If you're wowed by her results, know that you were a part of that if you've been engaged with Team LSF.

You can find Kayla at @kaykathleen_lsf

Runner Up: Courtney!

Courtney's a 33-year-old certified dental assistant. She works in an orthodontist's office and lives in Victoria, BC, Canada.

She joined Team LSF in the spring of 2020, right as the world was getting weird. It's cool because she was watching my YouTube vids for a few years before that, but she took the dive to really jump in last year. She said, "Team LSF looked so fun, it really made exercising fun again for me."

Courtney's results are especially impressive because a physiotherapist once told her that she has weak glutes! By sticking with this challenge, she was able to isolate and strengthen her booty and she says she feels ways stronger doing simple, everyday things.

Now, Courtney's sticking with the bonus moves to keep her momentum going. She's using the LSF app and a fitness journal to stay on track, and she already ordered her 2022 LSF planner.

"My favorite part of Team LSF is the sense of community and motivation from all the girls," Courtney said. "I feel like I am not doing this alone!"

Find Courtney at @court.lsf

Runner Up: Shelby!

Shelby's a nurse and, like Courtney, she joined us in 2020 at the peak of COVID. She says her LSF workouts and community gave her a way to focus her mind on something positive before and after work.

Shelby works to better herself all the time and she says making small changes each day during the challenge really helped her to stay motivated. She feels like she still has a lot of progress to make working on her booty, but she feels really strong after the challenge. Going through the workouts consistently for the 31 days has helped her see big results!

Moving forward, Shelby's focusing on her form and staying consistent with her workouts each day. She said, "I stay on track because it makes me feel so good! Moving my body every day has changed my life. I feel stronger every day."

Like our other winners, Shelby said, "My favorite part of LSF is hands-down the community. #TeamLSF has kept me motivated every day!"

Link up with Shelby at @lsf.shelby

Pink Heart Winner: Brittany!

Brittany is coming up on her two-year anniversary of joining team LSF and we're so glad to have her! She said she feels really happy and accomplished knowing that she finished every day of the Booty Challenge and didn't quit. And she's sticking with her workouts to keep growing that booty.

"All of the support and encouragement I get from not only Katie but everybody in this community make it so easy to be — and stay — committed," Brittany said. "Every babe in this community is so positive, uplifting, and supportive of one another that it just melts my heart every day to see all of that and be a part of it!"

You can find Brittany at @princessfitbritt92_

I'm so insanely proud of all of you women! We stuck with this challenge, and that means we didn't just strengthen our glutes, but we also developed healthy habits that can improve our lives all-around.

To make sure we don't see any backsliding during the holiday season, I'm launching a new challenge on November 29th! Sign up for the 21-day Holiday Survival Challenge here. Our focus is going to be creating and maintaining healthy habits to stay consistent even when life gets chaotic. And you know we're gonna have tons of prizes and giveaways, too!

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