Best Low Calorie Cocktails For Summer


Ok ladies… Memorial Day weekend is the unofficial start to summer which means, crop tops, short shorts and bikinis are in your future!

It's time for some fun low, calorie summer cocktails!

Nothing sounds better than soaking up some sun with a bubbly drink in hand. They can add up quick though. So… if you're gonna indulge, you've got to know how to make the best, low calorie cocktail choices. We all know drinking doesn't do anythingfor our bodies, but sometimes the warm weather is literally begging for a sunset happy hour.

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Happy Hour101

Whether you're going out or staying in, these are the drinking rules I live by! I know they'll help you figure out how to make, and order, the best low calorie cocktails.

My #1 Tip( I know… this is major!) NEVER get simple syrup in your drinks! You can easily add 100 calories or more with thatstuffalone.

♥ The "cleanest" alcohol choices are tequila (best) or Vodka. And by vodka I mean plain vodka. None of this "cupcake" flavored business. Everything else out there is loaded with sugar so drink with caution.

♥ Try adding fresh fruit and/or herbs to give it some flavor. My favorites are mint & lime!

♥ Stick to soda water as your mixer & make sure you get ones with 0% sodium

I've shared a lot ofmy go-to "LSF approved" drinks on SnapChat, but I wanted to have them in one easy spot for you. You can find 4 of my favorite cocktail recipes HERE

Of course you want to always choose your battles. It can't be 5 o'clock somewhere every day, but when it is, now you can enjoy it without the lingering guilt!


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