Aspen Trip Deets


Aspen Trip. Aspen Trip Deets | Snowy days and warm cuddly nights.

This Aspen trip is now on my list of "trips I must take every year" and I've realized that I apres ski really well!

goldsheep champagne leggings in the snow

That said, only after a long day of some serious core and quad work avoiding a downhill tumble on the slopes. Definitely the best mountains I've ever boarded on!

Our Aspen trip was4 days and 3 nights. We stayed at the Hotel Jerome. It's an iconic luxury resort right in the center of downtown Aspen and it's AMAZING!

In the living room at hotel jerome

The hotel is gorgeous! It feels historic, but fresh. We were picked up from the airport by their staff and literally, from that moment on, had the best experience ever!Well…. The first class upgrade for our flight in was really the starting point! It's the only way to travel hah.

Having Chlorophyll water as the welcome drink is genius! It's suppose to help you get acclimated to the high altitude and avoid getting sick. I didn't get sick so I'm gonna say it works!

Everyone went above and beyond to make sure we were taken care of the entire time. The staff at Hotel Jerome also helped us pick out which mountainsto ride(there are like 4)and gave us awesome recommendations on where to eat, get drinks etc.

outside hotel jerome in the snow

The Mountains

We rode Aspen Highlandsthe first day and then Aspen Snowmasson day two. Both mountains offered tons of variety as far as terrain. I normally get nervous I'm going to get in someone's way, but the runs were so wide I literally felt like the only one on them. My kind of mountain.

Food & Drinks

Hotel Jeromehas one of the best restaurants in town and two super rad bars.

The Living Room at Hotel Jerome
  • Prospect:American bistro style restaurant in the hotel. You have to try to Mushrooms on Toast and the Chicken! No words, just deliciousness!
  • The Living Room:Chill – historic library(or living room I guess) feel. Plus the best hummus and shishito peppers I've ever had!
  • J Bar: Fun atmosphere to grab a drink after hitting the slopes. It was also poppin' with a good crowd, which was nice since the town was pretty quiet when we were there.
bundled up in Aspen

We ate at Prospect our first night in. The service and food was 5 star. I honestly would have eaten there every night, but we figured we should venture out a bit.

A few people recommend Hooch. It's a craft cocktail bar kinda hidden underground – speakeasy style. The bartender,like everyone we met in Aspen, was super friendly, made delish drinks and picked our dinner spot for the night, Jimmy's.

Jimmy'sseems to be "the place" in Aspen. It has a more casual bar and a formal dinning area with a crab cake to die for. I'm talking like 99% crab – 1% cake. YUM!

We did a breakfast at Peaches, lunch at White House Tavern and of course found Mexican food at Mi Chola.

Victoria's Coffee in Aspen

My morning ritual became walks to get almond milk lattes at Victoria's, bundled up and all.

PS-Aspen has amazing seafood and most of their restaurants serve organic, local foods, making it really easy to stay on track. Salads, Seafood and Sips = happy traveler.

Aspen Trip Highlights:

Cloud 9on Aspen Highlands

We hopped on the chair lift after a day of riding the mountain. Cloud 9 literally sits on the mountain with some of the most amazing views I've ever seen!

This place was lunch and a party! Like – people getting bottles of Veuve Clicquot just to spray while the DJ spun Sweet Caroline at 3pm on a Tuesday.Yep… that happened.Food was amazing and it was 100% worth the visit for the entertainment alone!

The Hot Chocolate at our hotel!

hot cocoa set up at hotel jerome

Did you guys see the hot chocolate set up in our room on SnapChat {LoveSweatAndFit}OMG Ryan almost died with excitement!So good. We got in from dinner and had a tray with everything you could possible want for your cocoa. Hotel Jerome was doing some serious mind reading that night.


If you read my How to Lose Weight on Vacationblog you know that I usually workout every day when I travel.This trip was different.I hadn't snowboarded in a couple of years and –wow- it's quite the workout. We had early mornings hitting the slopes and spent the afternoons working fireside and sipping bubbles.

dancer in the snow

Sometimes it's perfectly ok to just take a break! Not to mention the altitude made me have to catch my breath even walking up stairs!

If you guys are thinking about planning a snow trip – you seriously have to visit Aspen! I'm a little obsessed now! Plus we went the week after X Games and there was barley anyone on the mountains. Locals only & we loved it!

Hotel Jerome hot cocoa

Thinking of calling my travel section "Bun on the Run" Since I usually skip the hair washing and rock the messy bun.What do you think??

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