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halloween costume.Halloween is back again and girl, I can't WAIT!

First of all, candy is fun and all, but I'm here for the costumes. Getting creative with my DIY look is one of my fave things, especially with a group of friends. I cannot WAIT for you to see what we're doing this year!

The biggest struggle is finding the TIME to make it come together, right?! You're focused on your daily workout and meal prep, ain't nobody got time for picking through gross, overpriced Halloween stores. You need something creative, cute, and available on Amazon prime. Whatever you do, don't wait until 7 PM on October 30th to try and get your act together. But technically could wait until October 29th with that two-day shipping. My full list of the Amazon items can be found here.

Today I'm sharing some fun, EASY, and #relevant costume ideas for 2018.

La Croix.

Obviously the drink of the year and number one in my heart (#pamplemousse4ever). Plus the effort level on this is totally up to you, it can make the perfect last minute fix by wearing some of your recycled boxes (I see them in your trash!) over an all black ensemble. This costume isliterallyeasier than taking out your recycling!

What you'll need

  • 4-6 boxes of La Croix (flattened and cut)
  • Masking tape

Once you have cut the large sides of the boxes out, tape together (the number of boxes you use based on height).


-Not included: a friend with good handwriting?You can free-hand the "La Croix" logo or even print the logo onto a piece of paper and trace it on to the dress before painting the fabric paint on. Eassssyyyyy.


(aka, Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling).Anyone else OBSESSED with this Netflix show?! Talk about a serious glow-up to your typical '80s fitness babe outfit. The key to pulling off Zoya the Destroya or Liberty Bell is teased-up hair, bring the drama with your makeup, and have confidence.

To nail Zoya's look, you'll need…

Red go-go boots

Blue bodysuit(you could TOTALLY use a colorful one-piece suit too!)

Red gloves

Red and Yellow felt

Put it all together…

Print off this awesome stencilfrom Brit + Co and cut out the yellow felt, glue on to red felt to create your belt.

And duh, cut the fingers out of your gloves.

The Hottest Amazon Prime Halloween costume ideas for 2018 for busy babes!

And if you're going for the Liberty Bell look…

Gold bodysuit/swimsuit

Knee high boots

Gold gloves

Gold spray paint

Make sure to cut the hands off the gloves, and of COURSE, feel free to get cray with some glitter. Full support.

If you can get your hands on some gold boots…we're proud of you. But we know that could be a challenge! Grab any pair of knee-high boots and spay paint them gold to complete the look!

A Pineapple

This costume is my fave for a few reasons. 1) DUH I LOVE pineapples! 2) Totally reminds you to stand tall, wear your crown, and be sweet. 3) It's so dang EASY.

The Hottest Amazon Prime Halloween costume ideas for 2018 for busy babes!

All you gotta do is take a few minutes to glue some paper to an toilet paper roll, then hot glue THAT to a headband! Might take you like 30 minutes but we think it's totally worth it. Major bonus points if you wanna draw a heart on your dress for the full LSF heart pineapple effect.

What you'll need to be the cutest pineapple on the block:

Offred from The Handmaid's Tale

Speaking of bad-ass women, I have to shout out my other TV Show obsession, The Handmaid's Tale.

This is perfect for some of my cold-weather ladies out there! And there's like two steps…a cape (or giant red blanket, let's be honest) and bonnet off of Amazon, paired with some brown boots from your closet and you'll have everyone saying "under his eye!"

What you'll need to channel a dystopian society:

  • Red cape(again…you could get find a cozy red blanket to throw around your shoulders?)
  • Bonnet

Donna and the Dynamos from Mama Mia

You can dance, you can jive, having the time of your life… with some thrifted bell bottoms, platform heels, and a fake microphone, no one will have more fun than you and your girls singing ABBA all night long. Group costume CHECK. Plus you can show off all the hard work you've done on your abs by pairing those bell bottoms with a very 70's tied up top.

What you'll need to channel some dreamy 70s vibes:

Meghan Markle a la the Royal Wedding

If anyone won a prize for style this year, it was Meghan Markle. Plus, people would have to seriously be living under a rock to not understand your costume. It makes perfect sense to channel her most famous look of 2018…the royal wedding! We'll be channeling her after-reception look, and this is the ultimate couples look because all your guy needs is a suit to wear! Simple, relevant, done.

What you'll need to look like you just hit the matrimonial lottery:

  • High-neck white maxi dress(This is the only non-Amazon thing on this list!! It's just too perfect. Order now if you want it for 10/31

Ariana Grande

If you are looking for a MAJORLY easy, throw together costume, enter: Ariana Grande. Not only is she one of 2018's "it-girls," the girl knows how to throw together a Look. You legit might already have an oversized orange hoodie (or a bf who can lend you one) and some slouchy boots! But if not, those are the only two things you'd need. Although some MAJOR brunette ponytail extensions might also come in handy. Grab a lollipop while you're at it too.

What you'll need to feel like a dangerous woman:

So there you have it. The best of 2018 costumes that take two days to order, minimal DIY, and will get you big snaps for knowing your pop culture. Comment below with the one you're going to try! And don't forget to tag us in your Insta's so we can see all the CUTE costumes you guys wear.???

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