8 Healthy Habits That Changed My Life

healthy habits that changed my life

There's one thing that helps me stay moving toward my #goals even when I'm tired or just not feeling it. It's pretty simple, too, now that I've got it set up. It's my routine!

For real, establishing a healthy routine takes a lot of the guesswork and legwork out of making good choices for your body and your mind. And that makes it soooo much easier to stick with it. Like, the whole point of a routine is allowing yourself to kind of get into autopilot. When it's just habit to drink enough water during the day or wake up and knock out your workout right away, you're a whole lot more likely to keep doing these things that will help you be your healthiest.

Tbh, planning your healthy routine is pretty easy. But getting your plan to the point that it is actually a routine def requires some work. Here are a few tips that I've used to help myself establish my own healthy routine — and that I hope will help you!

Make sure you enjoy it

Here's the thing with a routine. If you absolutely hate it, it's going to feel like a drag. And that means you're not going to maintain it. Even if you get to the point where things are a habit, if it feels like a grind, you're going to run out of steam eventually.

Stop trying to force yourself to do stuff you hate just because it's healthy! If you hate running, don't do it. Try other forms of cardio, like a dance workout, one of my HIIT videos, biking, or swimming. Same goes with those nasty-tasting health drinks. Add in LSF Plant Protein & Boosts and you'll actually look forward to drinking your protein or smoothie or whatever.

For real, the whole point of a healthy routine is to build your best life. And if you're not feeling what you're doing, that's no good! Take a step back and adjust your routine until you're actually excited about all of the pieces of it.

Start with baby steps

Girl, establishing a routine takes time! You legit cannot rush this. So start small.

If you're trying to drink more water, do something easy like carrying a reusable bottle with you. If you're trying to work out most days of the week, start with the Daily 10 in our LSF App. A ten-minute workout is such a good way to ease yourself into a regular workout routine! If you're trying to be cleaner, start with just making your bed every morning. If you're trying to be a little healthier, something as simple as adding one of our new boosts to your morning is such an awesome way to make it easier.

It's great to have big goals. But you need to make them achievable, and that means breaking them into baby steps. Look over your ideal healthy routine and pick out a few ways you can start small.


Get support

Routines, even when you love them and you've broken them into baby steps, can still be hard to stick with. It's easy to get distracted and forget why you started this healthy routine in the first place.

To help you keep your focus and keep on your A-game, I have two tips: get your friends involved and get your phone involved.

If any of your friends are also trying to establish a healthy routine, be each other's accountability partner. Basically, make it a point to check in with each other a couple of times a week. If you know your friend is gonna be asking you about your habits lately, it's a lot easier to make sure you're proud of them! And if none of your gal pals are working on being healthier, tap into our LSF community on Insta!

I also DEF recommend putting some apps on your phone — like our LSF App — that remind you about (and even help you with) your routine. That way, each time you look at your phone, you have an easy little reminder to keep working toward your #goals.

Cut yourself some slack

If you set out to stick with a healthy routine and then you never mess up once, girl, you should run for president! Most of us are going to have some days where we slip up. That is so normal, so give yourself a break!!

Maybe you've been in the habit of meal prepping but you're feeling so tired one Sunday and it sounds like a huge hassle. That is so okay! Take it easy that day, and maybe plan to carve out some time on Monday for your weekly meal prep.

Or maybe you straight up have a week where you're off your healthy routine. It happens! Don't beat yourself up, and def don't give up on all of the progress you've made. A little setback is no biggie — just get back to your routine and keep moving forward. You'll be stronger for overcoming your challenges!

Stick with it

I'll say it again: getting into a groove with a healthy routine takes time! Stick with it, babe. I know some experts say that it takes 21 days to make or break a habit, but I've actually found it's longer than that. Give yourself a few months to really get in the swing of things.

A healthy routine can make SUCH a difference in how you feel and look. Yep, it takes some work. But it's sooo worth it!

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