7 Things I Wish I Could Tell Myself At The Start Of My Fitness Journey


fitness journey

I love talking to people about my process of transforming my body — and the way I feel about myself! But I think it's really important to clarify one thing: fitness is a journey. There's no destination here, babe! It's an ever-evolving process. Your body changes all the time and you're never going to get to a point where you can just be like, okay, I'm done.

That doesn't mean fitness has to be exhausting, though! When I started my fitness journey, I definitely thought that would be the case. But I've learned a lot over the years. And I've been thinking about the things I wish I could time-travel back and tell myself.

Obv, I can't do that. But I can tell you those things. And, in doing so, I help they help you avoid some of the frustration and roadblocks that I faced, especially at the beginning of my fitness journey.

Ready? Here are seven things I've learned!

#1: I could change my body at home

Like, why do we all think that weight loss and a gym membership have to go hand-in-hand? (Really good marketing on gyms' parts, that's why!)

But truly, you DO NOT need to leave your house to start your fitness journey. You don't need to get dressed or put on makeup. Heck, girl, you don't even need to brush your teeth!

When I started doing my workouts at home, I was totally blown away by how much easier it was to stick with them. When you don't have this whole production of getting ready and going to the gym and trying to look not-horrible while you work out, getting your sweat on is sooooo much easier. So if you're struggling to make progress, maybe consider ditching the gym membership. You'll save money, too! I use LSF the App daily and it's a total game changer. Workouts are laid out daily and I'm constantly dropping new workout videos into the video library!

fitness journey

#2: I wasn't eating enough!

I know that when you're trying to lose weight, it's really tempting to seriously scale back on your calories.

But here's the thing: when you're not eating enough, your body doesn't have the fuel it needs. Think about how far you can drive your car when your tank is almost empty. Your body is no different!

Instead of trying to eat less in general, try to eat less bad stuff. Instead, eat plenty — just make sure it's healthy, whole foods that balance you. For me, snacking has been key! I'm not kidding you, I probably eat five or six times a day. But I mix in snacks with smaller meals. That way, I'm not totally starved when I finally do sit down to eat, so hungry that I way overdo it.

If you're struggling to eat healthier, try adding nutritious snacks between each meal.If you need help, I have so many different nutrition plans that are perfect for any lifestyle!

fitness journey

#3: Recovery is just as important as my workout!!

Oh, man. The number of injuries I could have avoided if I had just learned this lesson earlier.

Girl, your body needs BREAKS. Your rest days are a pivotal part of your weekly workout schedule, so don't skip them!

I know it can feel funky, especially when you're in the groove of setting aside a certain amount of time each day to work out. To keep that habit in place but still give your body the rest it needs, you can use that time for active recovery. You know I love my foam roller, but lately, I've also been OBSESSED with my Wahl Massager. This thing makes it so easy to give yourself a deep tissue massage! It feels amazing and promotes recovery, a.k.a, it's pretty much the best!

#4: There is no one workout that would change my body

I thought that eventually, I'd find one thing that just changed everything. You feel me. You might have tried barre, pilates, HIIT, CrossFit, yoga — you name it.

But there's no single type of exercise that's gonna totally change the game. If there was, everyone would do it! Instead, it's about creating the mix that feels best for you. Change it up and do the workout that sounds the most fun that day! You'll keep yourself motivated and still see those #gains, girl!

#5: I didn't have to restrict entire food groups from my diet to see results

Soooo many diets focus on cutting stuff out, whether that's gluten, sugar, fat, soy, or whatever else. And it's def possible that there's a certain food group that's bugging your body.

But barring a food sensitivity, cutting out whole sections of food probably isn't the best thing. It makes sticking with your healthy eating plan way harder!

Instead, I like to focus on eating good-tasting foods that are processed as little as possible. Mix it up and find what works for you. Eating healthily shouldn't be so freakin' hard!

fitness journey


Let me say it again: GOOD. THINGS. TAKE. TIME.

If you lose three pounds in a week, you're probably going to put them right back on again.

You can't rush this process. And you have your whole life to look and feel your best! So celebrate all the little victories and keep on keeping on, babe! Progress makes perfect.

#7: Community and accountability is the key!

You've probably heard the proverb that goes: "If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together."

That is SO TRUE when it comes to your fitness journey. You can get more fit on your own for a little while. But keeping at it to become an even healthier, fitter version of yourself requires ongoing motivation. And there's no better place to get that than from your friends!

Seriously, if you haven't joined our #LSF community on Instagram, come on over! Us girls are waiting to cheer you on for the long haul!

fitness journey

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